1st Annual HallyuNoona.com Awards (2015)

So, everyone else and their mother have End of Year Awards, so why can’t I? I only decided to do this late in December, so no time to hold polls (sorry guys) so this year will basically be my own self-indulgent choices. Next year I promise I will let some of you have a say!

For now, however, enjoy my choices and if you disagree please take to our forums to let me know/defend the honour of your Bias!

Best Artist (Female Solo)

Lim Kim: This, for me, was the year of Lim Kim.


Best Artist (Male Solo)

Zico: Zico really took ownership of his own success this year and it looks like it is paying off!


Best Artist (Female Group)

9 Muses: A controversial choice again but 9 Muses released 3 solid songs this year, each appropriate for the season and really upped their game with TV appearances and promos. Maybe 2015 will become the year that saved Namyu.


Best Artist (Male Group)

Big Bang: I can’t really ignore the level of effort Big Bang have put in this year, nor can I ignore the quality of what they have put out.


Best Artist (Co-Ed)

MFBTY: Bizzy, Tiger and Yoon Mirae have been ‘Bizzy’, both together and separate this year and show no signs of slowing down!


Best Rock Act/Band

JJY Band: JJY’s band were grubby and fantastic, I hope this wasn’t a one-off project!


Best Hip-Hop/R&B

Crush – Oasis: This gets the awards just for its surprise slayage in the middle of the girl group summer war.


Best Album (Female Solo)

Gain – Hawwah: A tough call in this category, but Gain just about pipped Taeyeon and Lim Kim at the post for this one!


Best Album (Male Solo)

Jonghyun – Base: It might have been early in the year, but it has cemented its place as a top notch release.


Best Album (Female Group)

Brown Eyed Girls – Basic: A fantastic album where every single song is a perfect listen. Miryo really owned it on this one! (Sorry Wonder Girls, you came close!)


Best Album (Male Group)

iKon – Welcome Back: I expected so little from these guys and they delivered so much!


Best Song (Female Solo)

Taeyeon – I: OK, I’ll admit it, I was wrong… I love this song!


Best Song (Male Solo)

Zico – Eureka: Zico really just pulled it out of the bag for this one!


Best Song (Female Group)

Wonder Girls – I Feel You: What can I say I was sucker for the retro electro-pop sound.


Best Song (Male Group)

N.Flying – Awesome: Probably a controversial choice, but it took me back to my misspent youth.


Best Ballad

Hani Cho – Afraid: I think we all knew this would be my winner to this one!


Best M/V (Female Solo)

Lim Kim – Awoo: Lim Kim and cats… How could it not win really?


Best M/V (Male Solo)

Kim Jang Hoon – Who are you?: Not the most pop centric choice, but this video is not only engaging but presented the subject matter well!


Best M/V (Female Group)

SNSD – Lion Heart: So, credit where it is due, this was a nicely done and polished video!


Best M/V (Male Group)

Boyfriend – Bounce: I’m just a sucker for concepts like these!


Drama of the year

Scholar Who Walks The Night: If you haven’t already watched it, WATCH IT!