2015: Hallyu Awakens (Roundup of 2015’s major news!)

Last year we posted our Roundup as theCurse of 2014‘ and ended up concluding that it wasn’t, in fact, a cursed year. There was plenty of news though, so let’s see how 2015 has fared in comparison.

The choice of title comes from the real push of the Hallyu Wave (that I have felt in my country at least) and hopefully some of those new Hallyu Fans will enjoy this post! Browse the post as a whole or click on the month of your choice to skip straight to the stories from that month.

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The dreaded word ‘Homage’ reared its ugly head before the year even really started, with the SNSD stylist’s response to costume plagiarism rumours. SNSD were accused of copying their outfits for the KBS Song Festival from the year’s Dolce and Gabana collection, who themselves said it was an homage but also claimed to have never seen the outfit :S. Colour us all confused and SNSD fans overly defensive.

London fans joined the ranks of crazy when Exo landed – such a proud moment for us. One fan in particular decided to link arms with Sehun against his will.

Korea + planes = drama. First up this year was Bobby Kim getting drunk and inappropriate on a flight!

In good news (yes it happens sometimes!) H.O.T’s Lee Jae Won got cleared of cancer!

Lee Joon was dating, then he wasn’t.

There were a number of drug related cases, but Bumkey’s felt like it was straight out of a drama. #mess.

Jewelry officially disbanded, telling us all what we already knew deep down.

Derrick Bullock spoke…well…Bullocks.

B1A4 accidentally got some Malaysian girls into very hot water!

Jiyeon had her hair pulled at the airport in Vietnam and responded in the BEST possible way!

Sojin’s nails developed the ability to talk, Exo-Ls did not lose their ability to talk.

After 2014’s Ladies’ Code car crash, sentencing took place.

Kahi left pledis!

Kim Hyun Joong was the gift that just kept giving this year. Kicking off with his super harsh punishment of a fine.

Song Ji Hyo accidentally said she was on Music Core on Inkigayo. Heechul does not let it go. At the time I pointed out that while I found it hilarious, netizens would have torn a number of other celebrities apart if they had made the same mistake.

Kemy is SO hip-hop that she managed to accidentally diss track someone. I bet she never showers and walks around with her arm up high too!



Megan Lee quit K-Pop as quickly as she entered in it and appeared in Nickelodeon’s infamously asian-man free ‘Make it Pop‘.

Kim Hyun Joong bought more news our way…

Sojin of the baby Kara project (A TV Survival show to pick the new member of Kara) unfortunately took her own life. 2014 clearly doesn’t hold the copyright on tragedy.

Cora left Lip Service, amid pretty strong rumours it wasn’t her choice and vague references to her unspecified ‘lifestyle choices’.



5Dolls officially disbanded, much to my own heartbreak.

Polaris survived the Clara drama, only to be investigated for fraud.

Lee Min Ho and Suzy were announced to be dating with no hesitation!

Rumours swirled around Tao as he bowed out of a performance due to pain.



CL came number 2 in the Time readers’ poll of the Most Influential People.

The ‘JYJ’ law that would prevent ‘blacklisting’ of entertainers by companies was proposed. Named for notably blacklisted boy group, JYJ.

Tao confirmed he was NOT leaving Exo.

Chinese media disagreed with Tao.



A TMZ employee may have regretted turning up to work that day. #Junghwaprotectionsquad

Were you missing Kim Hyun Joong?

Another drug case, This time from E-Sens.

Yoo Seung Joon really wants to return to Korea.

Nichkhun and Tiffany broke up.


The whole world knew, but now it was confirmed. Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin are dating!

It was Son Dam Bi’s turn to leave Pledis.

Big Bang got a bizarre ban from Inkigayo.

We got confirmation of a Ladies’ Code memorial concert.

Rex.D has Leukaemia.

WonderBand was rumoured!

Koreans love Olivia Hussey.

Like really.



Much to Woolim’s surprise, Tasty left Woolim.

Kim Hyun Joong was back, back again.

E.Sens’ drug case resulted in jail time.

Sunye and Sohee made their Wondergirls departures SNS official.

Taeyeon stood up to the keyboard warriors!



Having launched a lawsuit the end of 2014, B.A.P announced that they would be returning to the agency.

Tao cried…a lot.

Chagmin left JYP, making Jo Kwon the only 2AM member left.

SM seemed to be tying up loose ends with Jessica leaving the label , Kim Kibum leaving and Sulli leaving F(x).

Yoona and Lee Seung Gi broke up.

Some managed to make JYP angry. JYPE filed a lawsuit against the director who caused a shortening of 2PM’s comeback.

Ladies’ Code began recording ‘Smile Even Though It Hurts’.

Nine left D.Holic.



BEG left Nega.

I wrote a big guide to the Kim Hyun Joong drama for everyone.

The BTS highlight tour does not go flawlessly.

Siwon tweeted support for Kim Davis.

GFriend fell over a lot. For some reason this made them popular.



Fan colours were hotly debated this year (how many colours are there?) but poor iKon probably took the worst hit.

The BTS highlight tour became even more of a mess!

Ex-Fiestar member Cheska left Loent.

IU dating Jang Kiha.

Toppdogg lose Kidoh and Gohn.

In an unusual move, JinE admits to an eating disorder.

Eunhyuk and Donghae enlisted!

Ji In left Bebop.

CJ E&M embroiled in a copyright suit.

Youtube goes paid, Kpop goes private.

Kim Hyun Ji took her own life.



The #Irenefordupray excitement was real.

Jay Park called out click bait journalism.

In more drug offence news, entertainer Amy is deported from South Korea for abusing prescription drugs.

IU’s album Chatshire faced a LOT of controversy.

Lo.J left A.cian.

Somin left April.

Music Core changed its system again.

Jung Hyung Don to take a break.

Another fan goes too far, this time at a B1A4 Fan Sign.



The Mama awards happened (check out my posts on the red carpet, performances, winners and interactions.)

Rapmonster managed to avert scandal. Pundits still unsure how.

Eli of UKISS hid a marriage for fear of fan response. Fans instantly prove him right.

BTS get on the manager drama train.

Tiffany flirts with controversy.

Tzuyu gets sexy, makes a lot of us uncomfortable.

Kang Doo Ri takes her own life.

Dia temporarily remove 2 members so they can take part in ‘Produce 101’, the survival show.