2015 – The releases

As you know, we do a roundup each week of as many of the M/V release we can find. We thought it would be nice as the year closes to showcase our pick of the years biggest and best releases. We know this isn’t a comprehensive list. You can find that HERE.



Sonamoo – Deja Vu: Sonamoo were a pleasant surprise for me this year, I hadn’t been expecting a lot but they delivered by the bucket load. If you didn’t give Sonamoo some of your time this year, then do it now!

Jonghyun – Crazy: This one continued my track record of loving SHINee solo projects despite not being a huge fan, I loved the song, the video and the styling. Big thumbs up from me on this one.

Madclown Ft. Jinsil – Fire: With a video featuring Hani, this was bound to suceed, but for me this song would have been jsut as good on it’s own merits alone. Still singing all the way at the other end of the year!

Lizzy – Not An Easy Girl: If anyone will get you into Trot-pop, Lizzy is the girl to do it. With a fantastic video and her own sound, she made good with her solo release.

9Muses – Drama: It’s been a busy year for 9Muses and this was the track that kicked it all off!

GFriend – Glass Bead: Not to my taste, but GFriend are one a small group of rookie girl groups who took Kpop by storm this year!

Big ByungOjingeo DoenjangOjingeo Doenjang: At some point, someone will explain the appeal to this I am sure.

4Minute – Cold Rain: Was a surprising departure from 4minutes in your face dance pop sound, and a welcome one and that. A beautiful song by some beautiful girls.



4Minute – Crazy: 4Minute obviously didn;’t want us thinking they had gone soft on us so followed up with hard hitting track, Crazy. Crazy has been grossly under represented in all the end of year charts I have seen.

Amber – Shake That Brass: A devisive track, I loved it but it left many fans disappointed as they felt it did not showcase Amber’s Talent well enough.

Hani Cho – Afraid: A ballad so good even I fell for it’s charms!

Shinhwa – Sniper: A song that proved to me they still have it, with a great bit and video where they just ooze sexuality.

Rainbow – Black Swan: Rainbow cash in on the ‘Black Swan’ hype with this A-typically dark hit.

Chamsonyeo – Magic words: Another project group with a panifully addictive song.



Boyfriend – Bounce: Boyfriend may have had some similar concepts in a row, don’t care loving it!

Gain – Paradise Lost: Between this and ‘Apple‘ (and all her album tracks) March was a good month for Gain indeed.

Stellar – Fool: My favourite Stellar track of all time, more people need to show this some love!

Fiestar – You’re Pitiful: The Fiestar girls mix sensual and feisty for this track off of an album so many Kpop fans have recognised as a great release, maybe 2016 will be the year of Fiestar.

Red Velvet – Ice Cream Cake: Credit where it is due, this would be a hit song for anyone, rookie or otherwise. The Girls done good.

Minah – I’m a woman too: I don’t think anyone is doubting it after this song Minah.

CLC – Pepe: The song that launched Sornhub. ’nuff said.

MFBTY – Bang Diggy Bang Bang: It wasn’t just pop grabbing attention this year, 2015 really was the year of the Hip-Hop artist.

Lovelyz – Hi: Another rookie Girl group bucking the odds this year.

Miss A – Only U: Another song that isn’t getting the credit it deserved.

Crayon Pop – FM: Crayon pop finally won me over with this song, it certainly deserved more success in the charts.

EXO – Call Me Baby: EXO Rose from the ashes of drama with this track and weren’t going to let anything stop them.

Blady – Come To Me: Underrated Girl Group Blady nearly flew under the radar with this one.

LABOUM – Sugar, Sugar: This cutsey tune, balances cute and catchy in just the right doses for a jaded Ajumma like me.


Mamamoo – Ahh Oop!: Mamamoo teamed up with eSNa for this amazing song and video. Some fierce ladies indeed.

Dalshabet – Joker: Definitely worth your time, Dal Shabet never let me down.

M&D – I Wish: This video showcases Heechuls best feature, his sense of humour.

Mr. Mr. – Out: A Boygroup I don’t know a huge amount about, love this song though.

Oh My Girl – Cupid: The reign of the rookie girlgroup continued with Oh My Girl.

Lim Kim – Awoo: It’s Cats and Lim Kim, What’s not to love!

Bastarz – Conduct Zero: Block B’s First subunit did not disappoint.

SNSD – Catch Me If You Can: A Japanese release and yet people were still holding it’s lack of success in Korea against it.https://youtu.be/kUGQ7Tz4os0

JYP – Who’s Your Mama: I love JYP he’s a nutter and I love it!

EXID – AHH YEAH: EXID had to follow up their viral hit with something big, and they did just that.

Big Bang – Bae Bae: I Think we can all agree this really was Big Bang’s year.

Big Bang – Loser: Hit after hit off of the MADE album!

Lim Kim – Love Game: Safe to say it was a pretty good year for Lim Kim too.

BTS – I Need U: Another act who has had a phenomenal year.

Jimin and J.Don – GOD: Oh how he growls…




BESTie – Excuse Me: Poor BESTie had to face a lot of flack (especially the ex-EXID members) but they still pulled this tune out of the bag!

Jang Hyunseung – Ma First: Beast and troublemaker member and now a solo artist.

SHINee – View: SHINee fans seemed overwhelmingly happy with the result of view.

N.Flying – Awesome: Yes, Yes they are.

Jay Park – Mommae: It’s been a busy year for Jay Park, and this was where it started.

History – Might Just Die: This track from History got even non-fans paying attention!

Jun Hyoseong – Into U: Not everyone was impressed with Hyoseong’s solo release this year!

Girl’s Day – Hello Bubble: Even if it was an advert, this song got all the fan girls and guys talking.

BoA – Kiss My Lips: Queen of Kpop she may be but this release was not free of criticisms.

Myname – Just Tell Me: It wasn’t just girl groups this year you know.

Kara – Cupid: Why did people dislike this song? I loved it!

CLC – Like: CLC got a tiny bit less cute for their second title track of the year.

JJY Band – OMG: JJY always brings me joy, especially with a proper rock sound backing him up.



EXO – Love Me Right: Back again and still embracing 90’s boyband nostalgia.

Big Bang – Bang Bang Bang: The video was controversial, the MADE project by now a resounding success.

Big Bang – We Like To Party: Well, Who doesn’t?

2PM – My House: Promotions were cut short, really affecting this amazing tunes success.

Mamamoo – Um Oh Ah Yeah: Cross dressing has never looked more fun.

From the Airport – Little Prince: Park Gyuri lends her beautiful vocals to this rock track!

Sistar – Shake It: Early competitors in the summer girl group war, Sistar encouraged us to shake things.

AOA – Heart Attack: AOA’s Heart attack video got everyone talking. Mostly saying: “Why Lacrosse?”

Chaeyeon – Obvious: It may have been somewhate buried by the girl group releases, but equally deserving of credit!

BTS – Dope: The track that pushed BTS out of their fandom and onto the world at large!

Playback – Playback: Playback asked us to ‘hit the playback’ in a poorly thought out lyric.

Big Bang – Sober: My personal favourite of all the MADE tracks.



9Muses – Hurt Locker: 9Muses continued their assault on the charts with Hurt Locker.

SNSD – Party: Who wants  a lemon Soju?

Girls Day – Ring My Bell: The girls wore swimsuits here, oh the scandal.

Crush – Oasis: This song took the charts by storm, a surprise upset in the girl group war.

Infinite – Bad: This song divided people. Like Marmite, you either loved it or hated it.

Got7 – Just Right: A lot of people thought Got7 had gotten it just right with this song.

Super Junior – Devil: Or Pharell’s ‘Happy’, You decide.

Guhara – Choco Chip Cookie: Amongst negative views of her solo debut, Guhara released this gem of an album.

APink – Remember: Ahh, My old nemesis, you are back.

Kim Jang Hoon – What Are You?: Jang Hoon launched this cathcy and scathing attack on those who had made a mockery of him.

Wanna.B – Attention: Rookie group Wanna.B made a big push this year!

Z.Hera – XOX: Another hidden gem in K-Pop.

Stellar – Vibrato: This is the year Stellar decided to openly pursue scandal for success.

GFriend – Me Gustas Tu: Meanwhile GFriend went in a slightly different direction…

Sonamoo – Cushion: He’s like cushion, like water bed…

NC.A – Vanilla Shake: What is it about this year and shaking?

Beast – Yey: Beast seem to be in decline this year, but are definitely still a powerhouse!

Miryo – Queen: Why did this not get the love it deserved? Sort it out people.



SNSD – Lion Heart:With a bright and adorable video, this seems like SNSD’s return to form.

SNSD – You Think: Something a bit different for SNSD, but a great way to showcase some of the lesser seen members.

Hyuna – Roll Deep: Hyuna disappointed by not being as scandalous as the teasers had suggested.

VIXX LR – Beautiful Liar: The Subunit successes continue.

B1A4 – Sweet Girl: B1A4 still hang on to that squeaky clean image

SHINee – Married To The Music: Seriously, is it the 90’s?

Stephanie – Prisoner: So this song was a disappointment to many fans, not to me.

Wondergirls – I Feel You: The Wonderband was born.

T-ara – So Crazy: T-ara smashed all the critics with this song!

Apink – Petal: Oh look, More Apink.

April – Dream Candy: Kara’s little sister group are definitely going the cute direction.

2EYES – Pippi: So catchy.

Zico X Hyorin X Paloalto – Dark Panda: The Hip-Hop reign did good things to music.

BEN – Looby Loo: It’s cute and I still like it. Check it out.



Verbal Jint – Favorite!: Channelling some prince here.

GI – Doligo Doligo: GI upset a lot of fans with their change of image for this track.

Miwoo – Broken Doll: This is one of the most beautiful songs of the year.

FT Island – Puppy: FT Island obviously wanted us to be under no confusion that they are back.

Purfles – A Bad Thing: Purfles continue to appeal to I-Fans.

Ladies Code – Smile Even Though It Hurts: A fitting tribute.

Day6 – Congratulations: Another AMAZING debut this year.

Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb: Red Velvet were on fire this year.

UP10TION – So Dangerous: Boy groups did not want to be outdone by girl groups this year.

Seventeen – Mansae: This song catapulted Seventeen into the foray.

Jun Jin – Wow Wow Wow: Jun Jin givin’ me chills.

Jessi – Ssenunni: Jessi hit the jackpot with this self referencing song.

CNBlue – Cinderella: Bands were having a good year this 2015.

Super Junior – Magic: Super Junior face up to large volumes of enlistment.

iKon – Rhythm Ta: Another Marmite song. I loved it, I hate marmite.

24K – Superfly: 24K, another surprise success.

Lovelyz – Ah -Choo: Lovelyz Strike again.

Ailee – Mind Your Own Business: Ailee delivers as always.


Taeyeon – I: Taeyeon nailed it.

Bigflo – Obliviate: Apparently a Harry Potter reference.

Oh My Girl – Closer: Oh My Girl were not going to be beaten by the other super rookies.

MFBTY – 6AM: These guys have owned the year, taking full advantage of the hip-hop boon.

Kyuhyun – A Million Pieces: The solo opportunities continue for Kyuhyun.

Stephanie – Back To The Top: I certainly hope this is  the start of Stephanie getting back to the top.

Twice – OOH AHH: Twice Debuted with much credit, all of it deserved in my eyes.

IU – 23: Despite the controversy, still a tune.

eSNa – Me Today: eSNa stood for herself for this soulful song.

F(x) – 4Walls: F(x) continued to experiment with 4Walls.



Brown Eyed Girls – Brave New World: Surpassed only by their other lead track ‘Warm Hole‘.

Zico – Boys and Girls: The bravery of Zico releasing this summer anthem in November.

Rania – Demonstrate: Rania deliver the comeback fans were so desperate for.

VIXX – Chained Up: VIXX launch this BDSM anthem.

D.Holic – Murphy and Sally: D.Holic continue to impress after the departure of Nine.

Wanna.B – Hands Up: Wanna.B continue to push for recognition and definitely are developing a theme.

Tahiti – Skip: It’s catchy, it’s dancy, I love it.

Madtown – OMGT: Oh Madtown, you made this year worth it.

EXID – Hot Pink: An ode to Pink Diesel of course.

B.A.P – Young, Wild and Free: B.A.P triumphantly return, much to fans release.

B.I.G – Taola: A slightly more serious tune than their debut.

iKon -Anthem: iKon is coming to town.

April – Muah!: April lose a member, but continue the cute assault.

9Muses – Sleepless Night: 9Muses still weren’t done.

I.C.E – Over U: Retro Miss A feels.

Psy – Daddy: Featuring the beautiful CL.

Psy – Napal Baji: Psy….I love you.

BTS – Run: Fans went insane looking for meaning in this video.

Royal Pirates – Run Away: Royal Pirates have comeback strong.



SNSD – Dear Santa: My Christmas song of the year I think.

LABOUM – AALOW AALOW: It’s retro, it’s fun, it’s a win.

Zico – Eureka: Zico released 3 songs, and none of them was a miss.

iKon – Dumb & Dumber: Oh iKon, I expected so little of you but I’m loving so much!

Turbo – Again: Who doesn’t like nostalgia?


Well, That’s my pick of the new Releases this year, don’t forget you can check out ALL the M/V releases this year through our new release posts.


What were your picks? Let us know on the Forums!