2016: The year of disbandment (A round up of the year’s news)

2015 was a slower news year, did 2016 pick up? The title comes from the ‘7 year curse’ effect on the year. Here are the big stories of the year. You can check out ALL the stories HERE.



Hani was confirmed to be dating Junsu. (They broke up in September.)

SM won one of its lawsuits against Tao.

Jisoo from Tahiti faced inappropriate offers, prompting further discussion of sponsorship.

KARA Disbanded.

Tzuyu got caught up in some Chinese political drama.

LC9 Disbanded.

Juniel left FNC. (and later joined C9)

Dasom stopped putting up with shit from Netizens.



Jung Ah graduates Afterschool.

Joonhyuk left Day6 for ‘personal reasons’. Possibly related, Jae left twitter. RIP:(

G.NA left Cube and I said ‘ I hope this isn’t the last we hear of G.NA’. I regret this now.



Was boring.



Iron used drugs.

Minzy left 2NE1.

Park Ji Yoon left Mystic89.

Seyoon left Wanna.B.

Snuper had a car accident, people are still touchy about these after Ladies’ Code (fairly so).

Chaeyeon became a free agent.

Hyunseung left BEAST.



UEE started dating… As if we needed more evidence Afterschool is over.

Hosigi chicken was a bit tasteless in their ad choice.

NCT trainee Yuzhi got scandalous before even debuting.

Kahi joined the baby-making industry.

Jia left JYP, we all pretended Miss A could survive this.

N.Sonic got all up in a contract dispute.

Joy collapsed on stage, fanboys collapsed in fear.

3 Members left Rania.

Kangin proved idols never learn about drink driving.

Kim Yerim left Mystic89 as Mystic seems to haemorrhage artists.



Euarin and Minah ‘graduate’ 9 Muses.

4minute disband.

Eli had a baby.

Verbal Jint admitted to drink-driving. Didn’t blame other people.

Yoochun faced sexual assault accusations. The first turned out to be a blackmailer.

Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee had an affair. Both become, quite rightly, hated.

FNC entertainment had a stock manipulation scandal.

Tasty lost their lawsuit…

Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex was cleared of charges… something fans seem to conveniently forget.

Kim Sung Min was declared brain dead.



Produce 101 got stuck in a scandal for ‘wholesome porn’ comments.

CEO Hong left Cube. People were heartbroken.

Luhan/Kris and SM reach a settlement.



Iron and Kidoh faced charges.

Noh Hong Chul and Jung Hyung Don do not return to ‘Infinite Challenge’.

Zico and Seolhyun dated.

Tiffany makes a faux par with the Japanese flag.


Jung Joon Young got caught in a sexual harassment case.



Secret became a 3 member group.

Narsha got married.

Hyunah ‘graduated’ 9 Muses.

Crayon pop’s Soyul took a break due to anxiety.

Taehyun took a break due to his mental health.

Yookyung left FNC.

Rainbow disbanded.

Gary left ‘Running Man’.



SinB fainted.

Hyun Joo left April.

Chaekyung joined April.

2NE1 disbanded.

Soyul got engaged to Moon Hee Jun.

Nam Taehyun left Winner.



Lee Se Young faced sexual harassment accusations.

Mama Awards happened.

Taeyeon got beef with Wiz Khalifa.

Lee Jung Hoo passed away.

Big Flo had member changes.

BEAST started a new label.

Solji diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

Ji Hyo and Jongkook leave ‘Running Man’, much to their own surprise.