2nd Annual HallyuNoona.com Awards (2016)

So, we didn’t hold a vote, simply because we did not feel that our community is big enough for that yet. Fix that for the coming year by engaging with our community.

For now however, enjoy my choices and if you disagree please take to our forums to let me know/defend the honour of your Bias!


Best Artist (Female Solo)

Anda: Anda upped her game and astonished us this year!


Best Artist (Male Solo)

Beenzino: Beenzino just pipped it this year.


Best Artist (Female Group)

Twice: Much though I wanted to give this to BlackPink or Oh My Girl on music alone, I couldn’t deny Twice for becoming a powerhouse in K-Pop for 2016.


Best Artist (Male Group)

VIXX: VIXX really pulled out the stops to make 2016 their year.


Best Artist (Co-Ed)

K.A.R.D: Most great co-ed groups avoid ‘full K-Pop’ to make it… K.A.R.D might just make it with tunes like this…


Best Rock Act/Band

Core Magazine: I listened to a LOT more bands this year and Core Magazine really stuck with me.


Best Hip-Hop/R&B

Jessi, Microdot, Dumbfoundead and Lyricks – K.B.B.: This song made my year – of course it makes the list.


Best Album (Female Solo)

Hyuna – Awesome: A tough year. No albums stood out for me for female solos in the way they have previously. Credit to Hyuna though for keeping her momentum going.


Best Album (Male Solo)

Agust D – Agust D: Suga managed to legitmise himself well with this mixtape and it’s worth a listen if only for its interesting place in K-Pop.


Best Album (Female Group)

EXID – Street: Whole album worth it for Cream.


Best Album (Male Group)

SHINee – 1of1: Even I can’t deny the powerhouse that is SHINee.


Best Song (Female Solo)

KittiB – Nobody’s Perfect: Don’t like it? FIGHT ME!


Best Song (Male Solo)

JYP – Still Alive: It’s catchy and a commentary on K-Pop… What’s not to like?


Best Song (Female Group)

BlackPink – Playing With Fire: I loved all their songs so much this year, but this one really stood out for me.


Best Song (Male Group)

EXO – Lotto: Much though it pains me to admit it, EXO hit the LOTTO on this one.


Best Ballad

BlackPink – Stay: BlackPink are never who I would have predicted making the ballad track for the awards.


Best M/V (Female Solo)

Hyoyeon – Mystery: A controversial choice based on the styling and dancing which nailed Hyoyeon as a person, or at least her public persona.


Best M/V (Male Solo)

Taemin – Press Your number: Taemin always pulls out the visual.


Best M/V (Female Group)

Cosmic Girls – Secret: It’s just cool. I love the saturated colours and the weirdness.


Best M/V (Male Group)

Block B – Toy: The weird, thrown away doll thing worked for me!


Drama of the year

Vampire Detective: At this point, we can assume Lee Joon has transitioned from Idol to actor successfully.