3rd annual hallyunoona.com awards – 2017

Who cares if we are a good quarter of the way through 2018, we had this post ready for the site redesign so we are damn well gonna post it!

Welcome to the 2nd annual Kpop awards!

For now however, enjoy my choices for my end of year awards and if you disagree please take to our forums to let me know/defend the honour of your Bias!


Best Artist (Female Solo)

Taeyeon: I have to hand it to Taeyeon she has had a monstrous year releasing a good number of tracks and putting herself out there. With hindsight she was perhaps concious of her need to cement her position before the year is out and if that is the case then it was achieved.


Best Artist (Male Solo)

Psy: Sorry guys, it is hard to imagine a world where Psy releases an album and doesn’t end up winning one of my end of year awards. He might not get anything for it except the pride of winning but I am pretty sure that this award will mean more to him than any of his other achievements to date.


Best Artist (Female Group)

Twice: So I did not want to give this award to Twice two years in a row but again their monstorus storm on the charts refuses to let up. Pristin made an admirable play for the award but in the end I had to relent to the sheer force of Twice. My only concern now is that the girls need a break!


Best Artist (Male Group)

BTS: Again not my favourite group of the year but it really has undeniably been the year of BTS and I want to acknowledge there taking over the mantle of hallyu advancement from the generation before.


Best Artist (Co-Ed)

K.A.R.D: I feel like at this point, K.A.R.D will have this one in the bag for a few years.


Best Rock Act/Band

The Rose: This year I was spoilt for choice on rock acts but no act left a bigger impresssion on the me than The Rose. If you haven’t checked them out already then make sure you do the moment you have finished reading this!


Best Hip-Hop/R&B

Dumfoundead – Every Last Drop: After much deliberating I have decided that Dummy counts as much as any other Korean artist for this list and then the toughest thing was picking the song. I’ve gone with the song that has been stuck in my head most this year.

Best Album (Female Solo)

Lee Hyori – Black: An unexpected but musically fantastic turn from a much more mature sounding Hyori. I was living for this!

Best Album (Male Solo)

Gdragon – Untitled, 2014: It wasn’t to my taste but props to GD for being a terminal pusher of envelopes.

Best Album (Female Group)

Red Velvet – Perfect Velvet: I feel that Red Velvet are finally starting to come into their own!


Best Album (Male Group)

Day6 – Sunrise – Day6 just stormed 2017!


Best Song (Female Solo)

Chung Ha – Why Don’t You Know: Oh yes, the p101 girl I care most about nailed this!!


Best Song (Male Solo)

Zico – Artist: My personal soft spot for this song may well be showing on this choice…

Best Song (Female Group)

9muses – Love city – The most unkillable group in Kpop killed me with this release!

Best Song (Male Group)

NCT 127 – Cherry Bomb: You should have known this one was coming right guys??

Best Ballad

Stella Jang – You as you are: I do love a good simultaneously haunting and uplifting ballad!

Best M/V (Female Solo)

IU – Eojetbam Iyagi: No competition here, this video was amazingly engaging and showcased IU at her very best!


Best M/V (Male Solo)

Taemin – Move: Another year where Taemin pulled out visuals for us!

Best M/V (Female Group)

Dreamcatcher – Fly High: Dreamcatcher just belong on the tumblr’s of people who type out ‘A E S T H E T I C’.


Best M/V (Male Group)

Monsta X – Newton: It might not be artsy but it’s certainly a nicely done video!

Drama of the year

Goblin: I know it overlapped into 2016 as well, but it finished airing in 2017 so I am counting it! I’ve yet to speak to anyone who didn’t enjoy this drama (I’m sure such people exist though!)

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