Spotlight on: Ailee – Don’t touch me (Music Core- 04/10/2014)

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Song Name: Don’t touch me

Artist: Ailee

Performance and date:  Music Core- 04/10/2014

Label: YMC Entertainment

EP/LP name: Magazine

Other interesting Info:


The Singing

Ailee does not disappoint when it comes to her singing talent and this stage was no exception. This performance really shows how from a vocal perspective Ailee is far above the level of most Kpop stars, This was a lovely live (with some backing) rendition and her not having the nasally voice that is so popular in Korea is, excuse the pun, music to my ears

The Dancing/stage show

This performance Ailee had a good command of the stage and I definitely wanted to watch her more than her dancers, however he dancing is not great. Don’t get me wrong, she probably dances better than I do, that doesn’t mean her dancing is up to Kpop standards though and it most certainly isn’t. It falls just short of being painful in some points and detracts a little form the confident feel of her performances.

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