Album Review: MOBB – The MOBB

Mino and Bobby in one place, will it unify the fandoms or help divide them further? Silly question really…


RATING: ticktickticktick


01. HOLUP! (꽐라) (Bobby Solo)

This track is so apt as a bobby solo, and he growls and gravelly voices his way through the song unfettered. Whilst I am sure this will mean it’s not to everyones taste it creates a sound that is deinitively Bobby while at the same time exploring a different style and some variety to his work. Bobby’s trademark is deifnitely his voice and this, in some ways, works in his favour as it allows him to explore other sounds within the Hip Hop world without losing what makes a track his.

It does in equal measure limit that if you don’t like the voice, you are unlikely to ever like something Bobby does, diversity in sound or not. I quite like his voice, although I won’t lie. I prefer it smaller doses on group tracks as opposed to a whole song of it.

02. Full House (붐벼)

A somewhate mediocre outing. The song is catchy and chart friendly enough. This collaboration could have been much more of an oppurtunity to spread their wings beyond the limitations of their group images, Particularly for Mino who I feel sometimes gets the short shrift with Winner’s concepts.

All that aside if you want  to feel transported back into 90’s Hip Hop you probably won’t find a better K-chance today(Jay Park Aside)!

03. Body (몸) (Mino Solo)

This track is Mino’s chance to shine and he has gone for a very current American rap sound. He does sound quite different to how we have heard him previously, but this is no bad thing as Mino is less reliant on a tone for his image and it makes him sound different to Bobby, helping to limit comparisons as well as adding to the range of sounds on the album.

It is impressive to see Mino able to alter his rap to suit the song he is rapping to and certainly has me impressed. Unfortunately I cannot shake the feeling this song remind me of a western rap song, to the point where it affect my ability to focus on the song.

04. Hit Me (빨리전화해)

A collaboration wiht Kush, this song is the lighter note of the album. With a more poppy beat and catchy as it comes this track is a real attention grabber, paticularly for the idol pop fans of both of these artists. This track keeps the album from being a bit too ‘Hip Hop’ mix tape like. This may or may not be what they were going for however and hopefully it is still Hip Hop enough for them to gain new fans.


04. Fear (Mino Solo) (bonus track)

The addition of tracks fans are already familiar with, but have not had official releases yet was a great idea on YG’s part. Fear is more R&B than pure Hip Hop but again shows a range over the album as well as giving Mino fans a concrete reason to purchase the album.

04. Bounce  (Bobby Solo) (bonus track)

Releasing Bobby’s bounce Achieves a similar goal to Mino’s fear. Although for me, this song is pretty standard K-rap and a weak point for the album. Of course for fans of Bobby this may well achieve the opposite and its inclusion seems to have been met with a positive reception from fans.










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