Album Review: Twice – Page 2


Twice have pleasantly surprised me since debut. They were never a group I was particularly anticipating but ‘Ohh-Ahh’ was an amazing track. I wasn’t really looking out for Twice’s comeback and now I feel foolish.

This album delivers almost the whole way through and is pretty much everything I am looking for in a girl group release, particularly at this time of year. With only one track and being a full length album this one is definitely worth purchasing.




The deserving title track of the album, ‘Cheer Up’ has an upbeat summer rhythm and a sound palette that is becoming the Twice signature. You’d have to have been avoiding the internet to not be aware of the impact of Sana’s ‘Shy, Shy, Shy’ line but she is far from the only stand out in the performance. I won’t go too much into ‘Cheer Up’ here as you can check out our music video review to find out what we thought of it.

02. 소중한 사랑 (Precious Love)

A slower song, still showcasing a powerful style of vocal over a breathy and airy sound which, for Twice, seems like a sensible choice. There is very much a Eurodance beat in the background keeping a preppy, summery sound to the track although certainly some of the girls are showcasing a more mature vocal sound than they do in the title tracks.

With this track you can really see that Twice are still playing to the ‘pure’ market despite not fitting the innocent mold. This one isn’t really to my individual taste but is an appropriate antithesis to ‘Cheer Up’ without entirely breaking the sound and feel of the album. I could have done without the rap though, not all songs need rap…particularly in a group like twice where rap is not their defining feature.

03. Touchdown

Quite rightly promoted as the B-side to ‘Cheer Up’ promotion, ‘Touchdown’ screams B-side. It’s the same up beat marching style of ‘Cheer Up’ but taking to a futher extreme. Just a little too cheesily devoted to the concept to be a title track but incredibly danceable and catchy it’s well deserving of it’s place on stage. While I love these upbeat cheesy tracks, I hope they don’t push to title track status for Twice, a group who push the kitsch factor enough for me as it is.

04. 툭하면 톡(Tuk Tok)

Tuk Tok establishes an up and down journey through page 2, slowing down again after the fast paced excitement of ‘Touchdown’. Still with a summery heavy beat twice explore a more faintly R&B direction reminiscent of some of Red Velvets sound, particularly resonating with Red velvet’s ‘Dumb Dumb’. A catchy hook and some powerful notes make this a strong track that with the change in attitude to title tracks could one day be considered title track worthy.

05. Woohoo

Woohoo dials the settings back up to dance, albeit with stronger verses lyrically than ‘Touch down’. Still with a summery drum beat that is a consistent theme in the album and utilising short, catchy hooks throughout the song. Woohoo might well be my long term favourite of the album, much though I love all the track Woohoo is the track I can most see having continued listenability…particularly over the summer.

06. Headphone 써 (My Headphones On)

My headphones on continues the journey of the slower tracks to R&B sound further, Still with a heavy dance beat keeping it upbeat enough for summer. This song could be the backing track of so many plastic cupped drinks summer BBQs and I’m not complaining. Coming just in time for a heatwave for me this song is upbeat enough to get into while providing a more chill summer vibe than the title track.

07. I’m gonna be a star (CD Only)

A CD only release, so those of you who have downloaded it won’t have this one! Honestly, I don’t feel you are missing much the song starts sounding flat and whiny and doesn’t get much better. It sounds like the bad EDM remixes of songs that YouTube is full of and does not showcase the girls at their best. That being said, you should still buy the physical CD because Kpop physical CDs are beautiful.




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