Hallyu Oppa


New Releases – 14/07/18

38 tracks this week and the summer sound is definitely coming in to full force with some great, upbeat, summery tracks. Some great debuts...

New Releases – 08/07/18 (Two week special)

Apologies to everyone who missed my usual weekly post last weekend, but to make up for it, we have an EPIC two week roundup for you, with OVER 73 TRACKS! (74, in fact).

New Releases – 23/06/18

42 new releases in this week! Some great comebacks from the likes of Red Velvet, BTOB and Shinee, plus some great debuts too! Check...

New Releases – 16/06/18

Bam - 33 tracks this week. Couple of debuts and some great comebacks in there too. Fans of Radiohead will be particularly happy with...

New Releases – 09/06/18

So we have 40 tracks for you this week and some very solid releases amongst them. It was another week where trying to limit...

New Releases Special – 02/06/18

So, owing to life getting in the way, we've missed the last couple of weekends, so this is a bumper, three-week special... and what...

New Releases – 12/05/18

Thirty-four tracks out this week by my count. Quite a lot of the poppier tunes too, which is a sign that summer is slowly...

New Releases – 05/05/18

We've had 37 tracks out over the last week - quite a few debuts and for once there's more pop/upbeat tracks than there are ballads too!

New Releases – 21/04/18

This week has 45 new releases and has been one of my favourite weeks for a while - so many good tracks that have...

New Releases – 14/04/18

Some great tracks this week (43 in total) including EXO-CBX, Twice, Super Junior, Winner, Drunken Tiger and loads more!
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