The ‘HallyuWave’

It's not a special Korean Greeting...

KPop Trend Highlight: Eurodance

Eurodance time!

An ‘Idiots Guide’ to: Lip Sync and MR

Ah Lip Sync...the source of so many arguments.

KPop Trend Highlight: Fairytales

Fairy tales and Kpop

An ‘idiots guide’ to: The EXO drama

If you are new to Kpop, this should vaguely catch you up!

An ‘Idiot’s Guide’ to: The Kim Hyun Joong Scandal

A drama that just keeps giving...

Video Killed The Radio Star

Dastardly murderous videos...

Big in Japan

AOA were after this post was written, looks like we will have to do an updated one soon!

Sexualisation and Kpop – The Elephant in the Room

I'm breaking my silence on a subject that has deep importance to me.

How To Get K-Pop

One of the burning questions for western K-Pop fans
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