New Releases – 08/04/2017

Apologies for the late post – the releases of the week leading up to the 8th April!

New Releases – 01/04/2017

41 tracks this week including SM Station Season 2!

New Releases – 26/03/2017

43 tracks this week! Pristin, MonstaX, Bigflow, CN Blue and loads more!

New Releases – 18/03/2017

Some good debuts this week – MVP & SOC, plus returns from GOT7, Mad Clown and loads more!

New Releases – 11/03/2017

BTOB, Day6, B.A.P, Gfriend, Stella Jang, Brave Girls and loads more this week!

New Releases – 25/02/2017

*44* tracks this week! Twice, lots of K-Hiphop and ballads plus some other great releases!

New Releases – 18/02/2017

37 tracks! BTS, Melody Day, KARD, Taeyeon, VAV and much more!

New Releases – 11/02/2017

A massive 42 tracks this week! Incl Block B, San E, NCT Dream, Day6 and loads more!

New Releases – 04/02/2017

Red Velvet, Zion T, HuhGak, the last SM Station track and more this week!

New Releases – 28/01/2017

Lots of good tracks this week – Pentagon, Suzy, San E, Cheetah and more!

New Releases – 21/01/2017

2NE1’s goodbye song, CLC, Seohyun, Rain and loads more!

New Releases – 14/01/2017

Ravi, Hello Venus, Sonamoo, Jun. K and lots more good tracks this week!

New Releases – 07/01/2017

A good start to the new year – some good comebacks and some debuts!

New Releases – 31/12/2016

Releases for the week between Christmas and New Year!

New Releases – 24/12/2016

A little late due to Christmas, but here it is – releases up to the 24th!

New Releases – 17/12/2016

A lot of releases this week! K.A.R.D, Big Bang (twice!), Apink and loads more!

New Releases – 10/12/2016

Seventeen, Hoody, Jessica, Pentagon and lots of others this week!

New Releases – 03/12/2016

33 tracks this week. B1A4, Mamamoo, Zico, Cosmic Girls, Laboum & loads more!

New Releases – 26/11/2016

36 tracks this week. KittiB, Sistar, Vixx, Up10tion and some good new ones!

New Releases – 19/11/2016

Now updated with the just-released SM Station track!

New Releases – 12/11/2016

52 tracks this week! T-ara, Mamamoo, Hyolyn, B.A.P and (obviously) lots more!

New Releases – 05/11/2016

45 brilliant tracks this week! Blackpink, Grace, EXO-CBX, VIXX, Boys24 and more!

New Releases – 29/10/2016

Twice, Bastarz, Hyolyn, NC.A, Jay Park and loads more!

New Releases – 22/10/2016

I.O.I, A.DE, 24k, Matilda, The Barberettes and loads more this week!

New Releases – 15/10/2016

Another massive week! 42 releases inc BTS, Ladies’ Code, 100%, SE7EN and loads more!

New Releases – 08/10/2016

44 tracks this week! Shinee, BewhY, Ailee, a lot of ballads plus much more!

New Releases – 01/10/2016

A very busy week – Dalshabet, GOT7, Apink, Oh My Girl and a LOT more!

New Releases – 24/09/2016

A good mix of tracks this week – Mamamoo, KittiB, Anda, Infinite and more!

New Releases – 17/09/2016

DIA, 2PM, Beenzino, CNU, EXO & Yoo Jae Suk and more this week!

New Releases – 10/09/2016

Red Velvet, MOBB, Gain and loads more this week!

New Releases – 03/09/2016

Brave Girls, SunnyHill, Halo, the girls from Mamamoo and more!

New Releases – 27/08/2016

Spica, Laboum, NCT Dream, Romeo and loads more this week!

New Releases – 20/08/2016

Exo, Cosmic Girls, I.B.I., Guckkasten, VIXX, Jay Park and loads more!

New Releases – 13/08/2016

Black Pink, IOI, Younha, B.A.P, IMGL and more – some brilliant releases this week!

New Releases – 06/08/2016

9Muses, Oh My Girl, Hyuna, Up10tion and more!

New Releases – 30/07/2016

Another busy week in the KPop world! Jong Shin Yoon, Hyolin, Beenzino, Jung Joon Young and lots more!

New Releases – 23/07/2016

Hello Venus, FTISLAND, Heize, f(x)… another good week for K-Music!

New Releases – 16/07/2016

Stellar, GFriend, Vromance, Jay Park and more this week!