DIA confirmed to be adding 2 new members

Some time ago there was speculation that DIA would be adding new members, then the new release looked like it was off the cards for now.

Until this picture happened:


No problem? Well, netizens were quick to point out the badly ‘shopped out girls and the photos of the girls in Japan that showed 9 members which led to speculation that the new girls WERE going to be introduced but had been removed from this comeback. If this was anyone other than MBK I would think it was media play. However, this is MBK and I totally believe they can just screw up that badly.

Then came the confirmation, the two new members that people had seen the 9 member photos were confirmed to be joining the group. So welcome to DIA Somyi and Jooeun!



Adding members is always a challenge and the response is pretty mixed amongst I-fans, with the majority seeming to be on the side of it being a bad idea.





Some fans were positive though…


And of course there were the expected comparisons to T-ara.




and SNSD….



and Gugudan…



and Twi.. Well, you get the picture.

Of course some people wanted to know why no Dani (for the record if anyone is interested Dani has said she has no interest in joining DIA in the past).


So what do you think of the member additions, a welcome shake-up or poor management? Let us know in the comments below!



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