Etude House ‘I Need You’ – Hyaluronic acid

So it’s time to try out another facemask for you all. This one comes from the ‘I Need You’ rtange form Etude House which is currently being discontinued. Etude House already have a replacement range in the form of  the ‘Therapy Air’ range, which is very similar but is going to find it tough to win over the lovers of this brand…change is always difficult.


The masks itself is thick but very soft and drenched in cream. The cream isn’t clear like with some masks and is the texture of a moisturiser, which bodes well as it is a moisturising mask. No frills to this one, just a plain sheet mask so no novelty factor to judge it on.


The mask itself is heavy, but doesn’t feel as stifling on as the dress code mask (blue) for example. It didn’t fit all that well over my lower face, but that could be my face shape rather than a fault of the mask.


The end result was really good, there was loads of essence left to leave to soak in. It didn’t leave me with the same ‘wow’ moment and plump feeling as the dress code blue mask, but that may be because my skin is better in general now.


Want to see the mask in action? Check out my Vlog below!


Have you tried this  product? Did it work for you? Let us know in the comments below.

Interested in trying this mask? We are sold out but why not try it’s replacement from the air therapy range

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