Spotlight on: Exid – Up&Down (Simply Kpop – 28/08/2014)

Lyrics can be found here

Song Name: Up&Down

Artist: Exid

Performance and date: 28/08/2014

Label: Yedang Entertainment

EP/LP name: Up&Down

Other interesting Info:

  • LE is pronounced Elly (The rapper).


The Singing

The singing is good, I’m loving the little touches of at least some of it being live. I personally like LE’s voice in this song, but I can see how others may find it annoying.

The Dancing/stage show

This is the full Choreo of this song (it was edited for some shows) and it is amazing. Everyting is so simple but matches the song so well. The video felt very LE heavy for some reason, but the performance showcases each girl much better.

Other perfomances of this song.

Inkigayo – 07/09/2014

Music Core – 30/08/2014

Dance practice

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