Grace X Young Bros – London 2017

If you have been following any of my social media you will be aware that I got to see one of my favourite artists in the form of Grace last weekend. I still can’t quite believe it was a week ago and I wanted to make a short post to commemorate it.

My husband and I were gold ticket holders – which gave us the chance to meet grace, have a photo and signed Polaroid with her as well as access to a VIP area and bar.

On the day we got their earlier in the day and checked into our hotel before getting ourselves ready for the evening. Fire (the venue) was easy to find but the queuing  system for their multiple events was a bit confusing. we got in only a little bit after start time and immediately got our photos taken with Grace, which was probably for the best as it was so hot it would have been some very sweaty photos. 

I froze up like a silly fan girl when I saw Grace, but my Husband managed to tell her I was a big fan of hers when he spoke to her. Yes, I know I look like a fool in my picture…I don’t care.

As a bonus surprise we got signed T-shirts that we were told to collect on our way out, which was a nice little perk. After the silver ticket holders had their group photos taken we got treated to a  mini performance from Grace, which was great as the smaller crowd meant I could get right up to the front – which I cannot normally do.

Then the club night started, at this point my sprained ankle was giving me hell so we took seats to one side and were told the VIP area would open shortly before Grace’s performance… unfortunately this never happened so my injured self was relegated to no further bar trips and dancing in my seat for the rest of the evening. The music seemed very much to be geared to the stereotypical K-Pop boy group fan, but that is unsurprising at an event like this.

Grace took to the stage a little late, but put on an incredible show, the venue by this point was VERY crowded and hot but she still managed to pull the Grace charm out of the bag and put on a great show. We only took a couple of pictures as we were not able to have our DSLR at the event :( but you can see them HERE.

We did record a few fan cam moments of the more novel performances but that was all as we were there to enjoy the performances and it was clear enough people were living through their phone screen as it was.

After Grace we headed back to our hotel as we still had to finish moving house later that day, On exit we stopped to buy a signed CD and met Grace as she was leaving, sadly I was again starstruck although it was incredible for her to talk to me again.

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