Spotlight on: HA:TFELT – Ain’t nobdy (Music bank – 01/08/2014)



Lyrics can be found here

Song Name: Ain’t nobody

Artist: HA:TFELT

Performance and date: Music Bank 01/08/2014

Label: JYP Entertainment

EP/LP name: Me?

Other interesting Info:

  • HA:TFELT comes from the dictionary pronunciation of Heartfelt and is a pseudonym Yenny has used for a while when writing/producing.
  • Yenny is a member of the girl group ‘Wonder girls’


The Singing

The singing is breathtaking, the breathing makes me believe it may actually be mostly live too and it’s super impressive.

The Dancing/stage show

Is the main reason to pick this song, I love modern dance an this is an amazing and dedicated performance. There is no denying some of this MUST have hurt and yet she never lets it show. Yenny really throws herself into the set and performs every second.

I am glad they went for the elaborate sets on this comeback even if it meant a number of performances had to be prerecorded, the performance was just that an actual performance that told a story and imparted emotions.

Other perfomances of this song.

Music Bank 08/08/2014

Inkigayo 10/08/2014

M!Countdown 31/07/2014

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