Henry posts on SNS, alarming fans

henry from Super Junior-M posted on Instagram a post that was alarming to most of his fans. The post has since been deleted but you can see the tweet translation here.



A lot of fans speculated the 9 years referred to his debut (a sound assumption) and discussion centred around the rough time both he and Zhoumi faced with the ‘only 13’ fans.


For those who don’t know, Super Junior was originally due to have a ‘rotational’ concept. When they wen to add Henry a group of fans protested and even bought up stocks in SM to pressure the company to not add any new members. SM responded by pulling the plug and instead created the SJ- M unit which now seems to be defunct (based on Zhoumi and Henry removing it from their SNS profiles some time ago. Since then both have had sporadic releases but not the consistent level of work SM artists can usually expect.


There was a large outpouring of support by fans, and since then Henry has thanked the fans for all their support!




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