Innisfree capsule recipe pack – Canola Honey

Innisfree’s range of capsule recipe packs are pretty much my favourite thing right now.  These little pack contain a few uses of a wash of mask and are great way to test out an ingredient or if you, like me, like to use a wide variety of products be less wasteful with your purchases.

Today I am taking the canola honey pack for a spin, with a disclaimer that I often don’t enjoy honey based products. I have a weird thing against things with oily textures on my skin.

The pots recently had a design change for postage reasons so currently there are a mixture of the two available, one has a solid top so between reuses it just needs to be resealed. The other has a foil  top, so when opening you should not completely remove it and tuck the foil into a slot  in the pot to re-seal between uses.


The Mixture itself is very close to the actual texture of honey, and warms the face when applied. You can apply all over the face or just in some areas and Honey is definitely a hot trend right now.


All in all, I like the recipe capsule idea greatly, and these could be super useful when making my own sheetmasks. I personally don’t favour the honey one, purely due to feel of honey on my skin, but might try this mixed with other elements on a sheet mask.

You can check out my vlog on this below:


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