JYP involved in further controversy connected to ‘Salvation’ cult

JYP has been dragged back into a controversy involving the so called ‘salvation sect’ that his wife’s family are connected to.

After the Sewol ferry tragedy JY Park was caught up in suspicions that he was involved with the Christian sect that a number of people connected to the Sewol group were involved in due to his wife’s connection to the group. At the time JYP confirmed that despite having studied many religions in the past he currently did not have a religion.

Dispatch originally claimed they had evidence of JYP running events for the sect and of him delivering sermons. JYP denied this confirming that he did start a bible study group with a friend and 24 hours later dispatch ‘clarified’ their position stating that they had simply sought to investigate discrepancies between JYP’s stance and facts that had come to light.

It still seems just unclear enough that it’s unlikely to die down as a rumour, and JYP entertainment stock has taken a temporary dive that could well be related.

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