K-Drama: Three Color Fantasy

Genre(s): Fantasy, Romance

Air dates: 26th January 2017 – 23rd March 2017

Air times: Thursday 23:10

Network/channel: MBC & NAVER tvcast

Summary: This is an interesting one. It’s technically three mini dramas, each of which have three episodes, named after a colour.  Unfortunately, at the time of writing, I can only find a trailer for the first part.

White – The Star of the Universe
26th Jan – 9th Feb
The first part is about a top singer/songwriter and a 19 year old student who becomes the Grim Reaper after dying in an accident!

Green – Romance Full of Life
16th Feb – 2nd March
The second part follows a man who has studied for four years to pass the Police Officer exams, yet failed eight times! Despite this, he is cheerful and positive. When he sees a high-paying part time job for a position entitled “Experiment Full of Life”, he applies. What could go wrong? At the same time, a happy girl wanted to be a world famous pianist. But when real life gets in the way, she settles for becoming a music teacher.

Gold – Queen of the Ring
9th March – 23rd March
Finally, we have an ugly girl who has become mean due to how she is treated. One day she receives a magic ring. When a handsome (but cold-hearted) man comes along, the ring turns her into his ideal woman with a beautiful appearance.

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