Kyungha found guilty

Kyungha of Top Secret has been going through a case for sexual assault and has been found guilty. The girl (of his age) was chased into a building by him and sexually assault. He allegedly apologised at the time (December 2014) but denied the accusations when they began to spread online.

It has taken over a year to get to this point from when the lawsuit  was filed and in a rather odd decision the label have chosen to keep promoting with him in the group in the interim, only now stopping as he has chosen to leave the group (according to their own sentiment). I appreciate the sentiment of wanting to support your artist until they are proven guilty but keeping him in the spotlight directly over this time does not seem to be a positive move for him, the label or the group.

The sentence is  3 years of probation, with 1.5 years of jail time if this is broken, as well as 40 hours of sexual violence prevention. The label are appealing the judgment.

Some news outlets are reporting this as sexual harassment, but my translation makes the name of the crime closer to sexual assault.


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