M! Countdown: November Week 1


Welcome back to my coverage of the Top 5 songs on the M! Countdown list!  If you’d like to take a look at all 50 Top songs check out their page here.  I cannot tell you how excited I am for the second edition of this article!  So far my K-Pop world has broadened considerably.  I have found myself digging through the Top 50 list and listening to loads of music, and it has been a blast!

Let’s take a look at Week 1 of November!

There wasn’t much movement in the Top 5 list this week.  In fact the Top 3 stayed exactly the same.  Which is perfectly alright with me.  I very much enjoyed them on the first round.  But this week we did get a new edition to the list!

I was able to look at and listen to the Top 3 artists again.  What I noticed with Happen Ending is that the rhythm of the song is great.  It’s got this fantastic ebb and flow that really compliments the singing.  I’ve enjoyed this video and song just as much the second time through.

Upon a second listen to this song I wasn’t as impressed with the song itself.  But I think that is much more personal taste than anything else.  It reminds me of R&B ballads and I like something a little more rocking than that.  But I still liked the video, it was a great mixture of dance and story.  I’m a fan of a music video that tells a story.

Of the top five this is still my favorite song.  So much so that I went out and bought the song!  That’s right, I added it to my growing collection of K-Pop!  I’m not even sure what I like so much, but I’ve listened to it about thirty times and haven’t grown tired of it that’s for sure.

I was familiar with a few members of the group before seeing the video which is quite an accomplishment for me!  But this is the first time I’ve heard them as a group.  All these videos are so sad!  It’s a theme that has continued from last week.  I liked the video a lot, a good mix of dance and story.  However, the song was a little ballad like which is outside of my preference.  That’s not to say that it wasn’t good, just not one that had me needing to go out and buy it.

  • Error – VIXXThis still remains my favorite of the videos.  I really enjoyed the effects and makeup to get the robotic effect.  Though the story was just as sad this time through as it was on the first watch.  I still felt the music was a little to just dancy for me, but it was a good song.

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