M! Countdown: November Week 2


Welcome to another edition of my reviews for the Top 5 songs on the M! Countdown music charts!  There wasn’t much movement with our Top 5.  Three of the songs are still hanging on from last week!  Congrats to those artists with songs remaining in the Top 5!  That is quite the accomplishment.

Since Epic High’s comeback this song has remained strong in the number one slot.  Without knowing much about their previous works or even about their other songs I can still see why Epic High has remained firmly as number one.  This song is really well executed.

Three weeks running this has been at number two!  I wonder if it had been released when it wasn’t going up against Epik High if 12:30 could have held onto the number one slot?  This one still doesn’t quite do it for me.  Since it is in the Top 5 again I listened again, but I just can’t quite get invested.  Still a good song, just not my cup of tea.

I really liked the instrumental parts of the song, the piano and strings were lovely together.  Yoon Hyun Sang’s voice is crisp and clear with a beautiful soothing quality to it.  This is the first time I’ve heard and IU song and I have to say I really love her voice.  There’s a pure warmth to it that can really elicit emotion from the listener.  The song and video are super sad!  Like tear worthy sad!  Beautiful though, the imagery and song are gorgeous.  Especially when they sing in harmony together, so awesome.

This song has seen a lot of movement on the Top 5 Chart.  In October Week 5 it was in fourth place.  The week prior to that it was in second place.  Then it moved all the way to fifth place last week.  However, it has seen another spurt of popularity and popped back up to fourth place.

This song has a very epic feeling to it.  Big sweeping crescendos in the orchestral music flowing into quieter moments with subtler instrumentals to compliment the singing.  It felt very much like a song that was being played at the important and intense climax of a movie.  The music and singing were all very pretty.  But this video, ok what is it with sadness being the theme for three weeks running!  Not only that the video was sad, but it was a little strange.  Dude running through the desert with all of his life’s belongings crashing out of a clear sky around him.  Ending with his girlfriend also falling out of the sky into his arms and then they lay unconscious in the destruction of their things.  Sad!


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