M! Countdown: November Week 3


Week 3 of November and we have an entirely new lineup of songs and artists!  In addition to that I am familiar with several of the artists!  Yay go me!  I am super excited to get introduced to all of these songs and artists!  Without further ado, let’s get started!

HallyuNoona pointed something out to me, that this is the season of the epic ballad.  And this sing is another example of that.  Sweeping melodies with heartfelt singing.  KyuHyun’s voice is like a warm blanket.  Having seen him with Super Junior I wasn’t aware of just how gorgeous his singing voice is.  I enjoyed the song a lot.  The video was a little boring for me.  I wasn’t a fan of how the camera would zoom in and out like a wave, it made me a little motion sick.  Because the song was so big I wanted a video that matched the tone of the music.

Firstly, I absolutely loved this video!  It was just so much.  Even the dance sections were merged very well into the overall story.  I’m a sucker for a bank heist movie so it is no wonder that I enjoyed this music video so much.  Additionally, I loved the song.  A good mix of dance and pop.  I own an AOA song already so I was pretty excited to see them on the list.  However, I wasn’t aware they didn’t play their own instruments anymore.  That was part of what I really liked about them when I purchased Get Out.  The other thing I loved about Get Out was the video!  It was just wonderfully nerdy and that was fun.  Anyway, I loved Like a Cat.  It is fun and flirty and a good tune to rock out to. 

Of all the songs this week, I’m Different is my favorite.  The video was totally adorable and cheeky.  I had a good chuckle at the story which it told.  The girls were just so freaking cute!  The song itself was awesome.  It reminds me of old school blues with a pop/dance beat.  The sax and brass instruments gave it this really great feel like something you’d hear from Julie London or Ella Fitzgerald.  In fact I loved it so much that I bought it!

This one comes with a warning, the song is for mature audiences or at least the ability to sign into YouTube and prove your of an age that you can watch the video.  It certainly does have some rough language in it so if that isn’t for you feel free to skip this one.  I don’t want to get up on a soapbox here, but this was most assuredly not my cup of tea.  I think there was a lot lost in translation.  What I mean is, I don’t think the producers or Zico really understood the message some of their English verses were portraying.  Which is disappointing to me since I love Block B, I own two of their albums already.  I was actually looking forward to Zico’s solo project.  But now I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that the next attempt isn’t so offensive.

I was not prepared for this song, but in a totally good way.  This was my first introduction to Korean folk music.  Well that is at least what I would classify it, well perhaps Indie might also be a good description.  However, I’ve sort of come to expect that the music on this Top 5 is either pop/ballad or dance/pop.  So something completely acoustic and slow was unexpected.  However, I loved it!  The song is just cutesy and happy.  Even though I don’t know what its about I couldn’t help but smile while listening.

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  1. Good news! AOA do still lay their own instruments, They have a dance and band subunit and the record company are riding high on the dance units success right now, but they have said once they’ve cemented this success the band unit will be involved with a comeback or two.

    I you haven’t already checked out ‘Moya’ then I’d say go for it….It was the band units solo outing!

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