M! Countdown: November Week 4



I apologize for the late article!  I lost a dear family member and have been taking some time away.  However, I didn’t want to miss getting this posted.  Please forgive the slim post, I promise to be back up to par with the next Top 5 post.  There wasn’t a great deal of movement from Week 3 to Week 4.  Tough Cookie dropped down to 11th place and GOT7 took over 4th place.

Since this song hung on at number one I gave it another listen and watched the video again.  I’m still impressed with the gorgeousness of his voice.  However, the video still wasn’t all that great to me.  I might be picky, but I really want the video and the song to be of the same caliber.

I’m truly glad to see this one move up the ranks!  It feels fresh and different and just a little more interesting in regards to the musicality.  Unlike a great many songs I’ve heard since starting this, it doesn’t feel like pop, it has a very old soul feel with a fun and youthful edge.  Still my favorite song out of this list!

Since there wasn’t much movement this week I am still loving this video the most.  It is sassy and sexy and cool.  I love the heist story that it tells too.  Additionally, I love the song.  I think I’m an AOA fan.  Since this showed up on the Top 5 I’ve been browsing their song library and I have been enjoying their sound a lot.

Our only new song this week!  It is my first time listening to them and I like their sound.  Sort of fun and young while not being overly silly.  A nice mix of story and dance too.  The video for this one was fun with time travel and a love story.  To me it fit the song very well which helped me to enjoy it more.

This one is still a surprise to me, a lovely surprise, but a surprise all the same.  It is just so folksy and Indie that I can’t help but chuckle a little to find it on the Top 5 list.  Which is probably why I like it so much.  The fact that it is just so adorable and unexpected.

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