M! Countdown: October Week 5

The fact that I haven’t heard of these bands before or I’ve heard the name but never listened to them will be reoccurring themes as I offer a few thoughts on each of the songs.  Since introducing myself to a wider sphere of Korean music is the point of this series of articles, so it all works out in the end!  I am basing my own opinions on the music, the video, and the feels I get from these without subtitles.

Without further ado, M! Countdown Top songs for Week five of October!

From what I have been able to gather, the comeback of Epic High is kind of a big deal.  The only thing I’ve known previously about them is Tablo is part of this group.  He’s so adorable with Haru in Return of Superman.  However, now I want to know more about Epic High.  The melodies were lovely, the singing and rapping flowed well.  The video was sad and so was the feel of the song, but I still really enjoyed this one.  A good song to listen to on a rainy day thinking about sad memories.

First off the video was rather dark.  Not that it is a bad thing, but it wasn’t what I was expecting I suppose.  I enjoyed the song, the pacing was good with a beat that made me want to dance along with the music.  The dancing was good, and I sort of liked that there was a mixture of mini-drama scene and dancing.  The song wasn’t as dynamic as Epic High’s but even so I enjoyed it.

Right away I like the beat and tempo of this song much more than the other two.  But that’s just my personal taste.  It had my foot tapping and I was dancing through the entire thing.  The singing was great too, the mix of rap and singing fit the music and the story they were telling in the video.  As a whole package I think this is my favorite of the Top 5 songs.

Of all the videos this was my favorite!  I’m a sucker for sci-fi though and the robot make up/special effects were fantastic!  But, what sad story.  Again!  It has been the main theme of this Top 5.  Other than the sad story, I enjoyed the song.  Though it was a little to straight dance music for me.

This man’s voice is swoon worthy.  Melty like butter and warm, the kind of voice that could sooth the soul no matter the pain.  Ok, so that might be a little melodramatic, but seriously this man can sing.  Also I really loved the story that the video told, it was had a sweet ending even though some of the story leading up to it was bittersweet.


  1. NeeNee says:

    Roy Kim! If you haven’t done so, check out the C&J’s or whatever it’s called official YouTube, they uploaded his ENTIRE album plus three MVs or something like that :) It’s swoonworthy good! I like Beast, but wasn’t 100% feeling 12:30. Error, on the other hand, I really loved. I actually haven’t listened to #1 and #3 as of yet.

    1. Drama Noona ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Oh really? Now that is absolutely worth checking out! I really fell in love with his voice, it was just so warm! Thank you! This was the first time I’ve listened to Beast, and the song was good but not anything that I absolutely loved. Error was pretty good though I liked the video more than the song lol. No Make Up by Gaeko was my favorite of the bunch! If you do get around to listening to #3 I’d be interested to see what you thought of it! Thanks for checking out my post chingu!

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