M! Countdown Top 5: Coming Soon

M! Countdown

M! Countdown is billed as the number one K-POP chart show.  The show uses various sources to determine the top 50 K-POP songs of the week.  They pull data from weekly album sales, most downloaded songs, global viewer’s votes, music specialist’s opinions, numbers showing on TV, and mobile polls.  Take a look at the official M! Countdown site for more information on their program and the K-POP world.

As a fledgling K-POP fan I’ve wanted to find a way to discover more music that I love.  Writing a weekly article on the top 5 songs of the week just seemed like a great place to start.  I’m a new contributor here at HallyuNoona, I’m Drama Noona it is wonderful to meet you all!  My weekly project will be the M! Countdown Top 5 posts.  I am truly looking forward to this new venture!

A little bit about me?  Well I’m still new-ish to the Asian Drama world and an uber-newbie to K-POP.  I currently run a drama review and squee blog called The Drama Noona.  Mainly I just fangirl over stuff and actors there.  Since a dear friend (dewaanifordrama) introduced me to K-POP I’ve really wanted to be more aware of the Korean music industry and find new bands to listen to.  HallyuNoona has graciously allowed me to come on over and join her doing just that!

HallyuNoona’s blog is the perfect place for me to explore K-POP and share my newbie opinions of music.  She puts so much great work into the blog already and it is an honor to join her here.  I look forward to growing and learning about K-POP with all of you!

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