MAMA Awards Round-Up (Performances) – 2016

So, we open with the usual dramatic opening sequence and faint crowd noise before going straight into a dance performance fro  Lee Tae Kyoung, Park Hye Ji, Park In Soo and J-Black leading straight into NCT with ‘Black on Black’.


In the theme of connected we launch straight into Taemin  and ‘Guess Who’, ‘Soldier’ and ‘Goodbye’


Next up was  Gfriend and Seventeen’s ‘couple stage’ (Boom Boom, Navillera, Adore U)



This connected to a dance performance and performance of ‘Rough’ by Gfriend.



Next  to perform was Gallant with ‘Weight In Gold’.



Nest up, Suzy and Baekhyun with ‘Dream a little dream’



We had Crush and ‘Don’t Forget’


This connected to Zico ‘Eureka’ and ‘Boys and Girls’



Then we had Zico, Crush and Dean with ‘Bermuda Triangle’



Part 2 kicked of with an NCT127 (well Taeyong and Jooheon) ‘Fire Truck and rap Performance’.



This ‘connected’ to Monsta X and ‘Fighter’



This in turn ‘connected’ to GOT7 -‘Hard Carry’



Next up was Lee Juck, Sangji Koh and Kim You Jung



Next up was IOI with ‘Pick Me’ and  ‘Very Very Very’



This ‘connected’ to Twice with ‘Cheer Up’ and ‘TT’



Next up was Timbaland and Eric Nam with ‘Body’.



Next to perform were BTS with ‘Boy Meets Evil’ and ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’



This connected to BTS with ‘Fire’.



Part three begins with a dramatic film followed by BewhY and PREPIX with ‘Forever’ and ‘Day by Day’.




Next was Taeyeon with ‘Rain’.



Next up Wiz, Notably Taeyeon-less.




Next up were EXO with ‘Transformer’ and ‘Monster’.




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