MAMA Awards Round-Up (Performances)

Dramatic opening sequence out of the way, the first performance of the night came from The Koxx who got things really moving with Trojan Horse.

After a brief dance and violin interlude for ‘Butterfly’ we were straight into the second music act of the night with Taeyeon performing I.

Next up was Psy’s introduction as host! The next performance (after some awards) was a Got7 / BTS collaboration stage: Virtual Boys followed by Got7 – If You Do and BTS – Run. The fangirls actually sounded like they might be dying for this one.

The next performance was a slightly more subdued affair with Zion.T and Kim Seol Jin performing Bridge Of Memories.

With the next performance came iKon, who performed a series of songs as an ‘iKon is coming‘ stage.

Next up was Superstar K’s Kevin Oh performing a heart wrenching cover of ‘Fix You‘.


Next up, Basick, Lil Boi, Truedy and Yezi got together for a collaboration stage ‘Show Me The Rapstar

Jessi, Hyun and San.E joined forces for their ‘Tough Enough‘ stage.

As well as collecting an award, we got a performance from Mando pop sensation Jolin Tsai.

Another collaboration – this time Monsta X and Seventeen for¬† a stage called ‘The Boys‘.

Next up was JYP‘s now infamous MAMA 2015 performance.

CL sprang the best surprise of the evening with her stage.

Next up on the performance list were EXO!


SHINee were up next!


Big Bang‘s performance stage was entitled ‘Truth + Dare

The next performance of the night was the much anticipated F(x)/Pet Shop Boys stage!


The show rounded out with Psy‘s electrifying performance!

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