MAMA Awards Round-Up (Red Carpet) – 2016

Fashionably late to the party (again), nonetheless here is my Mama Awards Round-Up for you all! As usual work stopped me watching the Mama’s live again, but I’ve all caught up now!

Yet again this year we will be starting with the red carpet event. Not my cup of tea but surely some of yours!

First up we met the hosts, and MAMA were pulling out all the stops with the English this year.

The red carpet hosts were Shin A Young and Moon Hee Jin and A young looked STUNNING in her red gown.


Z.Hera was back again this year, as the ‘on the carpet host!’ with a more cocktail style dress to reflect the role.


First to arrive on the carpet were NCT -Dream, Rocking the ‘matching outfits’ look and hover boards. This was followed by their ‘red carpet performance’ of ‘Chewing Gum’!




GFRIEND were up next, in somewhat sombre outfits!

At this point we get to see that there is another of those 360 degree camera booths. They then had a short red carpet interview.


Next up to traipse the crimson carpet was Gong Myoung and Park Ha Sun. Both looking simple and classy.


Next, we got more matching outfits with SF9!


Next up was Best Vietnamese artist award winner, Noo Phuoc Thinh. One of my favourite outfits from the night!



Next up was Mando-pop star Wu Ying Jie, another of my favourite outfits with this Marilyn Munroe-esque dress!



Next was Kang Seung Hyun and Ahn Jae Hyeon, with a light, slightly more casual red carpet look.


(Yes I picked that shot for Z.Hera’s Face!) Next, we nearly missed Kwon Hyuk Soo.


Shin Hae Sun showed off a wonderful dress, with lace panels.



Next to arrive were Seventeen, whose numbers barely fit on the red carpet! They did, however, treat us to some English the little stars that they are.


Next to arrive was Dean looking, to be frank, a bit questionable. Followed quickly by Crush.


Next to grace us with their arrival were Seo Kang Joon and Park Min Young.


Davichi looked STUNNING in their gowns.


Next, and straight to the stage was Gallant, who bravely said hello in Korean!


The red carpet all but forgotten at this point we get GOT7 direct to stage. These were NOT my favourite outfits of the night!


Taemin strutted up next looking pretty good in velvet.


Another star straight to the stage and in more contemporary red carpet style, Han Ji Min


We got a respite next with SF9’s ‘Red Carpet performance’.



The red carpet ramped up now, with the arrival of I.O.I.



Next up was Hwang Jung Eum in a gorgeous, nude colour, full length gown!


Visions in purple, Park Ji Woong and Choo Ja Hyun were next.


Z- Ziaco… Also rocking the purple and with some brilliant swagger! Clearly purple and velvet will be trends this year!


Another non-Korean act, this time Wang Ta Lu with an ‘interesting’ jacket.



Kim You Jung’s Dress took my breathe away, I’m still waiting for it back!



Jang Hyuk was next, keeping it simple.


Twice were next to make their entrance, again going for a more sombre look.



Next was Park Bo Gum, greeted by screams and cheers.


Monsta X followed shortly after!


Next up were Lee Soo Hyuk (Looking fine, really fine) and Lee Ji Ah


Next were boys of the moment, BTS.


Han Yo Joo was next.


The ‘Best of next awards went to BLACKPINK and Monsta X, with only Monsta X in attendance.


IOI gave a ‘red carpet performance’ of ‘dream girls’



Bae Suzy arrived next. I do not like her dress.



Taeyeon arrived, also rocking purple!


Park Seo Jun was next up!


The Timbaland dropped in with Eric Nam.

Cha Seung Won arrived next in a pretty cool jacket.



EXO made their triumphant return.


Ha Ji Won arrived, a vision in sequins.


The final guest Lee Byung Hyun looking incredible as always!


The ‘Best Asian Style’ award from the red carpet went to EXO, proving (to me at least) that people just vote for their faves rather than based on the award itself.









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