MAMA Awards Round-Up (Red Carpet)

Fashionably late to the party, nonetheless here is my Mama Awards Round-Up for you all! Unfortunately due to work I was unable to watch the MAMA’s live this year, but caught up with it as soon afterwards as I  could.

Where, oh where, to begin? Well the start would be best I guess and the red carpet! I am not a big red carpet watcher TBH (I find them a bit of a snoozefest) but for the MAMA’s I soldiered on. I thought the Air Asia sponsorship and ‘entry gate’ entrance was super cute! Shinayoung, Z.Hera and Moonheejun, in my eyes at least, did a stellar job of hosting the red carpet event!

Seventeen went for the safe option of sensible dinner suits for the event and pulled it off really well.

As I am not normally a red carpet watcher, I was quite surprised to see Seventeen put on a bit of a red carpet performance for us, but it certainly brightened up my red carpet experience!

Next up to grace the red carpet were Monsta X whose matching, but different, red and black ensembles did the job of making sure they group were nice and identifiable. I am still not sure how I feel about the way boy and girl groups do this. Partly I think there is a very ‘stage outfit’ kind of look to it and partly I think the red carpet and the awards are basically just a different type of stage for these artists, so it makes perfect sense.

Got7 appeared next, with a bit less build up and in quite the variety of states of dress, from ripped jeans to a 3 piece suit!

The Koxx were bright and flamboyant in their coloured suits – even going so far as to have some matching hair going on!

Actor Ha Seok Jin, of D-Day,  made his entrance alone, looking dashing in a dinner suit!

Actors Lee Ki Woo (Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit) and Stephanie Lee (Yong Pal) arrived together and Stephanie’s dress was STUNNING. I cannot get over how that material and that cut manages to look good on her. She makes me feel even more of a potato than normal!

Superstar K singers Kevin Oh and Cheon Dan Bi made an entrance with Kevin in very shiny dinner suit and Dan Bi perfectly pulling off a more daytime style.

More actors graced us with their style as Seo Kang Jun (Cunning Single Lady) and Kim So Eun (Scholar Who Walks The Night) arrived in classic evening dress.

Hip Hop got some representation in the form of Zion.T and Crush, whose swaggers on the red carpet were really befitting of their public image.

Hong Soo Ah (Billion Dollar Heir) made her entrance in one of my least favourite outfits of the evening. For me, this dress had a beautiful silhouette but then looked like someone had just glued everything they could find to it!

Again staying traditional, were Yeo Jin Goo (Orange Marmalade) and Kim So Hyun (The Girl Who Sees Smells). I wasn’t a huge fan of Kim So Hyun’s dress either, without the weird layered peplum part I think it would have been gorgeous!

Taeyeon’s dress was gorgeous. I love the colour, material and shape and her hair and make-up were on point too. This girl’s looks stole the red carpet!

iKon arrived in remarkably subdued clothing compared to what I was expecting. Unlike the actors however, iKon avoided an evening wear look and instead opted for casual wear mixed with formal wear elements.

Just when I was starting to get bored of the red carpet, we were given another red carpet special stage – this time from Monsta X. This ultimately made their choice of outfits make even more sense to me!

Next to tread the carpet was Kim Kang Woo (Missing Noir M) and it looks like satin materials and the colour red are going to be a feature of this red carpet.

Elena Torres and Soohyun were visions in red, although neither dress was one I would have chosen, particularly not Soohyun’s which was particularly unflattering.

San.E made a typically excitable entrance, joining the ranks of artists who had opted to go casual for the event!

BTS made their entrance to scores of fangirl screams. Much like iKon, they had opted for a causal/formal wear compromise and were more muted in their style than we are used to seeing them. They even gifted fans with a little bit of English!

UEE and Lee Sang Yun’s entrance had me wondering if there was some law that meant UEE must be showing some thigh at all times! Girl looks good though!

F(x) arrived (sans Victoria who is busy with her solo schedule) and were another act sporting something that looked rather more like a stage outfit than red carpet wear.

A rather more subdued special stage form Vivian Koo followed. This one did not break up the monotony so well for me!

Actors  Yoo Yeon Seok (Reply 1994) and Son Ho Jun (Youth Over Flowers) made their entrance next and followed the trend amongst the actors of a more traditional evening look.

Actress Koasung went against the acting pattern and sported a more dress-down look, partnered with cute ankle boots and a blazer.

Jessi blew my mind when she walked out – I don’t think I have ever seen her look so glamorous.

Choi Ja Hyun (The Boundary) was next up to talk to the hosts and was so elegant in how she carried herself.

Oooh another special red carpet stage and this time it is Got7!

I liked Hyuna‘s dress but was not a fan of the colour. Of course that may just have been the way it came across on-screen and credit to her for wearing something different to the other attendees. I do want her boots though.

Tiffany and Seohyun arrived next and  have opted for short dresses, unlike their group mate Taeyeon. These girls always look stunning and this was no exception.

Park Bo Young and Lee Kwangsoo cut a dashing figure on the carpet, albeit with Bo Young looking like a tiny little doll!

Han Chae Young continues to be so incredibly beautiful it ruins my focus.

Another icon graced the red carpet stage in the form of actress Park Shin Hye.

SHINee arrived, I can only assume, straight from a sale in a coat shop!

Han Hyo Joo’s dress was something a little different and I am still deciding if I like it.

The fangirls got to scream again when EXO arrived sporting a variety of winter colours. During the red carpet there was an SNS competition for best Asian style which EXO then picked up. Honestly I think EXO won this due to the strength of their fandom rather than the actual style and I thought there were a LOT of better outfits on the night. Not that EXO’s was bad, just not the best!


Konghyojin beautifully showed us how simplicity can be so elegant with her little black dress!

Unsurprisingly, JYP was rocking the classic dinner suit with a flash of personality in his choice of bow tie.

Model-actor Lee Jung Jae was a sharp figure opting for a stand-out white dinner suit.



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