MEDIHEAL Dress Code Mask (Blue)

Hi there and welcome to my first product spotlight. This week’s spotlight is looking at a face mask – The MEDIHEAL Dress Code mask in blue in fact.

I’ve picked this product to do first as it is a product I have used quite a bit and am very familiar with, but don’t worry – I plan to test a wide variety of products… some good, some bad. Although the scope of some of the testing might have to be a bit limited.


The appeal to the MEDIHEAL Dress Code masks is, on the surface, a novelty one. The masks all feature a printed design in the style of a masquerade mask. The packing image and instructional diagram conjure up images of looking ready for the ball whilst wearing your mask and the first thing I want to do is shatter that illusion.

Whilst the mask design is a fun and novel idea, you will still very obviously look like you have a facemask on and it will conjure up faintly horror movie-esque thoughts to look at, in my opinion. If you don’t believe me… here is some evidence.


At the end of the day, of course, none of that really matters, as I can’t imagine you were expecting to pick up Prince Charming with this anyway. What matters is the quality of the mask. The blue variant is a hydrating mask and when you take it out of the packet, you will certainly believe it! The mask itself is sodden with fluid and quite heavy. Once you unfold it and arrange it on your face, you will feel a cooling effect straight away. The sheet itself is quite thick and heavy with moisture and so I do find it can get a little heavy to wear towards the end of the full twenty minutes. But the mask stays moist throughout the whole time, with no pesky drying up whilst you are trying to moisturise.

I personally notice an instant effect from the mask, but that might be due to my problems with dry skin. My skin certainly has a better lustre after use, which would indicate better hydration!

After a day, including wearing and removing makeup, I still feel the improved qualities that wearing the mask gave me, although I suspect this might be more to do with how quickly my skin is exposed to the causes of its loss of hydration, as opposed to any magical mask property.

Want to see the mask in action? Check out my Vlog below!


Have you tried this  product? Did it work for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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