MISSHA Magic Cushion – BB Cushion

So today’s makeup review was supposed to be my first, but I lost the vlog I had recorded for it only to find it today, YAY!

As many of you regularly viewers will know I suffer from psoriasis and have a red mark on my face as a legacy to that and have yet to introduce anything into my skin care routine to combat it as I wanted to wait until the flare up had died down. As a consequence though I prefer to cover it with makeup for going out. Now it was starting to feel a shame to put full foundation on to my skin so I began to investigate BB creams. (I should clarify my psoriasis is autoimmune in case any of you are wondering why makeup doesn’t really worsen it!)

After much soul searching it seems BB cream was what I needed so I invested in 2, one of which was a cushion…this cushion. I should also clarify I am very pale, but with a sallow edge to my skin that seems to make foundation here impossible to buy. Porcelain colours are too ‘blue’ on me and any other shade is too dark. This did not give me much faith I’d be able to shade match.

I was wrong, Korean cosmetics seem to come with a much better variety of shades and while there was some guesswork involved this cushion is the best colour match I have ever had (in shade 21). I actually think I’ll probably be able to find even more accurate shades in future but for now I am over the moon that the colour is now close enough that I can apply JUST TO MY CHEEK if I want to!


The case is lovely and neat, with a mirror built in. The cushion however stains really easily, so even though I clean mine it can still LOOK a bit gross. A minor complaint as it is such an affordable cushion.

The coverage is great even with a small amount, in fact you NEED to be careful not to put too much on or it will flake. Less is more.

As you can see from the picture, it makes my red mark significantly less noticeable.


Check out my vlog on this below:


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