Nesura Charcoal Nose Strips

Hi, It’s time for another beauty product blog! This time, my poor nose has some bunged up pores so it is time to test out the products that claim to help!

First up are these charcoal pore strips by Nesura. I have used nose strips before, but not charcoal ones and none by Asian beauty companies. The strips themselves come in packs of 8 or 10 depending on where you purchase them from. The box packaging contains each strip in a sealed packet so they keep well.


There are 2 types of packaging, and one includes English, the other does not but there are plenty of guides online as to how to do it.

The strips come stuck to backing plastic, with the shiny side being the sticky side that you will eventually stick to your nose. It’s worth noting your nose must be considerably wet for the strip to stick effectively.



Once the strip is on it needs to be left for 10-15 be aware it does have quite a strong charcoal smell and will dry out considerably.


Once done, you peel the strip off… if it dries out too much it will leave a residue that is quite sticky to remove. the strip itself looked pretty gross afterwards however I felt the result was patchy at best. It might be that with consistent use this product is better and I will update you if this is the case however as it stands at the moment this did not work very well for me but my pores are quite small, and perhaps it would work better for someone with more open pores rather than just blocked pores.



Want to see the mask in action? Check out my Vlog below!


Have you tried this  product? Did it work for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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