New Releases – 01/04/2017

Let’s kick off with Girl’s Day and I’ll Be Yours:

Relative newcomers Bee Jelly are next with Superstar:

Next up – W (Where The Story Ends) (featuring Shin Hyunhee) with Announcement:

Owol (featuring Microdot) follows that with Nuna:

Some hiphop next – it’s Somdef – Ring Ring Ring (featuring Verbal Jint, Paloalto, DPR LIVE & Car, the garden):

Finally, I’m going to finish up the featured section with SM’s Station Season 2 tracks!

This week is the first and it’s Red Velvet with Would U:


As is the custom, starting off with the OSTs. The first three are slower/ballad tracks, the last is a bit more pop-py:
MIIIII Miss You (Perfect Wife OST)
ISUEach Other (Daddy You, Daughter Me OST – a 2017 film)
ISUEverlasting Love (Saimdang, Light’s Diary OST)
Joy (featuring Lee Hyun Woo) – I’m OK (The Liar and His Lover OST)

Now on with the ballads and slower tracks!
noreplyWay To Home
MohaThat Was Good
Yoon Ddan DdanTwobrella
Woolim ProjectToday We Are
Sentience (featuring Ogon) – Shall We?
Seo In GukBetter Together
D.G.N.A.Lucky Man
Joonil JungBeautiful End
Jang Hee YoungI Can’t Get Drunk Anymore
VincentNow Us
Fantastic Drugstore12:00

Blending us from there in to the pop, it’s:
OFASomebody & Grow Old
Vanilla Moussebomijota
Sweet SorrowSign
RamdaLove Blooms
Jenyer, Samuel SeoCliché
djfriz (featuring mrshll) – resist
I’MSave Me
Hanbyul JangIt’s Spring

A bit of R&B next:
Nong Uung & Ku MyunMiss You

And finally, finishing up with the hiphop:
Roscoe Young (featuring DEADP) – Work
G2Knockin’ at the Door
BabylonBorn & Born
DJ Juice (featuring San E, Verbal Jint & Babylon) – Beautiful Life
Sous Chef (featuring Kim Hyo Eun, nafla & Jay Park) – N.W.A (New Wave Attitude)

What did you think of the week’s releases? What were  your favourites? Comments below!

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