New Releases – 03/02/18

There’s “only” 47 tracks for you this week. Lots of ballads, some great k-rock and k-hiphop and some big names (Red Velvet and Henry, for example)

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So we’ll start off with a bit of Red Velvet, I think. Their new track is Bad Boy:

Next, how about Jay Park x Yultron? They released Forget About Tomorrow:

Next up it’s Golden Child with It’s U:

VAV are back! Their new release is Spotlight:

A newcomer next – it’s Kate Kim (from SuperStar K 6) – her track is fire: So Long, Baby:

Finally, I’m loving the new one from The Eastlight – it’s a bit different from their debut but it’s good! It’s Real Man:


Going to stick to leaving the OSTs in their sections, rather than seperated out at the top (let us know on Twitter or in the comments if you preferred it the other way!)

I’m going to start with the poppier tracks now:
Black6ixAlone (Featuring Eleven)
BoANega Dola
HenryMonster (English Ver) (Featuring Paloalto)
RissoAllergy (Featuring DPR Live)

We’ll follow that with some K-Rock and Indie:
Kim Bo KyungHate
Sounding RightStill Show You (Featuring IK Brothers)
The MagusChild’s Water

Now for a bit of electronic:

Hiphop next:
Kyu YoungWoo Ya
LosFlame Boy
Sik AngelDay

Quite a bit of good R&B/Soul this week:
Han-AllDon’t Hide
Kim AreumFarewell Song
Soul OneThank U
XionPass My By

Next we have the ballads and slower songs:
BenIf We Were Destined
Choco & VanillaLove Affair (Featuring Yoon Hyun Sang & EZ Kim)
CrackerOne Day (Featuring Kim Ho yeon)
DavichiJust the Two of Us (Flower Ever After OST)
E HyukIt’s Nothing
HelloI’m Your Fan
Jang Hee Young & 6 to 8Can We Break Up (Mother OST)
Jang Yeon JooDrink, But Never Get Drunk With Him
Jang Yeon JooNight Breeze (A Korean Odyssey OST)
Jong Shin YoonSlow Starter
Kwon Jin-AhBehind the Page (Featuring Self)
Orthopedic ProjectDon’t Let Me Go
Paul KimPremonition
Sin Eun MiDansim
Sun Jeong ChoiI Became a Fool
Yuna KimTo You

And finally, this week’s SM Station track is different – a bit of classical music for you:
Mun Jeong Ja & PACENikolai Kapustin : Piano Quintet No.1 – 1st Mov. Allegro

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