New Releases – 03/03/18

We’ve got 36 tracks out this week, which is good to see!

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NCT U kick off this week’s post with Baby Don’t Stop and it is good!

Following on from that we have Red Velvet. Now, the song’s from their last album so it’s not new, but the MV is new for the album repackage. It’s I Just:

Next up we have WJSN with Dreams Come True:

This next one is a tune. It comes from Rana, is called Na Na Na and features Ella Loponte:

Cheetah is next with I’ll Be There:

and we’ll finish with a solid debut from Sha Sha, called You & Me:

Ballads first:
BohemeThe Stranger
HyukCome Up To Me Like The Wind
Jee Woo JinForgotten
Kim Yeon JiFollow The Road (Grand Prince OST)
KissesBlue Lagoon
Seo Eun Kwang (BTOB) & NC.ASo Do You
SungminDay Dream
Whee JineBlessing
Yang GuBeomFemme Fatale (Featuring Jeon SeonJeong (Vocals))

Not a ballad, but a very chill, relaxed track:
Shin Seol HeeChildhood

djfrizDive (Korean Version) & Dive (English Version) (Both featuring MRSHLL & Megan Lee)

KillagramzUp All night (Dream On) (Featuring Muzie)
Marvel.JReally (Featuring New Champ & Olltyii)

Band 88Twilight Zone

Pop/upbeat tracks:
7th StreetI Need You
HyoJungSarr (Mystery Queen (Season 2) OST)
J.YoungCan I
Jeon SoyeonIdle Song
Kim Sung KyuTrue Love
MonaLove You
SF9Mamma Mia

More of an R&B/soul sound:
Ann OneThis Ain’t Love
Joo YoungDive
Lee AramEmpty (Too Brave To Be Hated)
MonzonAt This Moment

I reckon this has more of a reggae feel:
Noh Seon TeckThe Song of Witness

Finally this one gives serious trot vibes:
BoomBoy Next Door


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