New Releases – 04/08/18

No you haven’t gone back in time – due to being away on holiday, I missed the last couple of weeks. Rather than do a bumper three-week post, I’ve taken the time to split the songs into their proper weeks!

This week’s starts with iKon and Killing Me:

Next up is Microdot with Thinking About You, featuring ChancellorJiselle:

Glabingo is next with On My Body:

Stella Jang are back next with I Go:

I found this one quite catchy, it’s Grachi with Young Dung Fo:

Finally, it’s got to be SixBomb with their j-pop-parodying track Hiccup Hiccup:

Now the rest of the week’s tracks:
BTOB-BlueWhen It Rains
Ha Dong QnHome (Life OST)
Lee Suhyun (of AKMU)Sori (Mr Sunshine OST)
ShinjiI Will (Secrets and Lies OST)

Cho & Kyu-Chandéjà vu
GrachiGet Out (Featuring Gumni)
Kim, AreumMidnight
LetomI Can See

Giriboy, Kid Milli, NO:EL & Swingsflex
Ness50 (Featuring Vanzo)
Odee & ViannFake Love Seoul (Featuring Sumin & Docskim)

South ClubGrown Up

GreenmangoWhat is the Reason
HoneystI Wonder (Just One Bite OST)
Ji Young HoonEverytime
LeoTouch & Sketch
Monochrome CassetteI Koo Ya! (Featuring Cherry Han)
NatureAllegro Cantabile
RunyTrue (My ID is Gangnam Beauty OST)
Shin & MinchulMy Rooftop
SissoAir Balloon
SoyaY-Shirt (Deep Inside) (Featuring Heedo)
Weki WekiLove Diamond (My ID is Gangnam Beauty OST)
Zico – SoulMate

Apollo, No.11, Ekko & SungJooHoney
GracieHustle (Featuring Moonc)
GracieTell Me (Featuring Vandal)
HanscurTOOMUCH (Featuring Charles Shin)

SujinThe Childhood
Yu Jun SangSuddenly

The forum thread for this week can be found here.

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