New Releases – 05/05/18

We’ve had 37 tracks out over the last week – quite a few debuts and for once there’s more pop/upbeat tracks than there are ballads too!

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We’ll kick off this week’s post with a debut – it’s (G)I-DLE with LATATA:

Next up we have Gfriend with Time for the Moon Night:

EXO-CBX are back next and sounding fire with Horololo:

This next one has been a long time coming – some people might even think it’s a debut, but even if it was, it’d be a good one! It’s Maydoni with Balloon:

We have yet another debut next and it’s another good one! This time it’s ii with I’m Already You:

Finally, a bit of k-hiphop from Jay ParkGRAY – it’s El Tornado:

7th StreetI Can Not Be Honest
Daryl OngStop My Heart
Ha HyunsangWhere Are You Now
Jeong Eun JiStay (Suits OST)
Jung YupNothing Left
Kim Soo YeonLA LA LA
So Soo BinSweet Nothings
SugarbowlI Love You Girl (A Poem A Day OST)
TarinDon’t Worry Be Happy (Featuring Peter Han)
Yun Ddan DdanLet It Flow

BrotherSuWhat’s Wrong With U (Featuring Gaeeko)
Jay Park, Simon Dominic, Loco & GRAYUpside
LocoParty Band + OPPA (Featuring Punchnello, Thur)
SkullLebua (Featuring Ja Mezz, 1 Star)

IZGranulate & Angel

Cham-SomI Like It (A Poem A Day OST)
GahoStay Here
Joo Won TakTreasure (Rich Family’s Son OST)
Kinie.KI Should Have
Kyung DasomFall in Love
Kyungri & It’sWhat’re You Doing Tonight?
Min Se YoungFine
P-38Shooting Star
RUII Don’t Care


ABTBFree Rider

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