New Releases – 10/03/18

This week has been a pretty good week with 35 new releases – some big names in there too!

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I’m going to kick this week off with an awesome girl band (if you’ve not heard of them before!). It’s Marmello with Wake Me Up:

Next up it’s Mamamoo! Two tracks this week. The first (and my favourite) is Starry Night. I just love some of the locations in the MV too:

Heize is back with Jenga (featuring Gaeko):

Next is Jung Ilhoon with She’s Gone. I love both the track and the MV for this one:

Some k-rock next from Ezen with Live It Up:

and finally with a bit of a cheerful, upbeat, jazzy sound, it’s E Mel with Walking in the Rain:


2NB & Yellow BenchFarewell
Jay SeraLonging That Cannot Be Stopped (Mysterious Personal Shopper OST)
KimdamsoA Calm Song (Featuring Jeon Sang Keun)
Lee Seok HoonStory (Radio Romance OST)
NoelOur Last Day
Seung Yeon SonLove Is So Mean (Grand Prince OST)
SoJung (of Ladies’ Code)Stay Here
SuzyMidnight (Featuring Yiruma)
ZeminiNo More Love

Bobby MoonGazua (Featuring Herishaa)

HoneystDon’t Remember (Just One Bite OST)
MonogramSpace Travel
San E & Yang DailIt Was You (Live Again, Love Again OST)

I don’t claim to be the greatest at identifying genres, but I feel these next tracks all come under a sort of soul/R&B heading:
Martin SmithNeed A Love (Featuring Yeseo)
MinseoThe Grand Dreams
Purple LPStay With Me (Featuring Kaya)
SoJung (of Ladies’ Code)Crystal Clear (Featuring Paper Planet)
Suho & Jane JangDinner

Slower, more chilled-out tracks:
GeorgeSwimming Pool
HeizeDidn’t Know Me
Jane Jang & SuhoDo You have A Moment
Jenny JeonDear You
MamamooStar Wind Flower Sun
MandyPurple Water

An educational/maths song! Quite funny and actually pretty catchy!
Hyungdon & DaejuneThe King of Math


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