New Releases – 11/08/18

Ok, this was another week when trying to pick just six to feature was tricky – there have been some great releases!

To start off though, it has to be Red Velvet with their comeback track, Power Up:

Brave Girls released Rollin’ (New Version), which is meant to be a summer-vibe remake, but I think one of the comments summed it up best with “saxaphone remake”. I quite like it though, either way!

DIA‘s back next with WooWoo:

I quite liked this next one by Cherry On Top – it’s got quite an upbeat vibe and is called Hi Five:

Next up, a rare bit of Korean jazz! It’s Jami Soul with Oshina (featuring Sol’Flower):

Finally, we have some trot! This is a sort of follow-up track by Jeong Hae Jin called The Calculator of Love:

Now for the rest:

CelineYou Are My… (My ID is Gangnam Beauty OST)
E MelTomorrow
GB9For the First Time (Are You Human? OST)
HyolynJust Stay (Still 17 OST)
J-CeraSad Darkness (Love to the End OST)
Kim Na YoungTell Me (Are You Human? OST)
MeloManceGood Day (Mr Sunshine OST)
Seo Kang-JunYou Are My Love (Are You Human? OST)
So Jin (of Girl’s Day)Close Your Eyes (Life OST)
Yuju (of Gfriend)Just This Song (Let’s Eat! 3 OST)

BrynHazy City

8crayz & ModernTMummerism
CrushRyo (Featuring CIFIKA & Byung Un (of Balming Tiger))
Dope’DougRodeo Star
SomdefOne Plus One (Featuring Loco & Bravo)

Bokkil LeeLike This and Like That
DailyNoteWhere Are U
Orange Fang Fang Boys3 Minute

Jihye ByunMai a Mi (Featuring Marcus McLaurine & Nick Dekens)

HoonsSweet & Salty, Sweet & Salty
Jang HeeWonSummer Love
Say Sue meWe Just
Stray KidsMy Pace
SundaeHow? (Spring (Web Drama) OST)
Taeyeon & MeloMancePage 0

12DALA Second
AirmanGloomy Star (Featuring 1ho & Chan)
Kebee, Kim Myung Hoon, Park Gyu Young, Jung Gun Joo & Bae Ji HwanMust Come
MandyMemo (Featuring Jin Jun-wang)
OwolNo No (My ID is Gangnam Beauty OST)
U Sung EunHug Me (Featuring Jung Il Hoon (of BTOB))

WoolnThat Night
Yoo Hyung KyunDiamonds in your Eyes

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