New Releases – 13/01/18

Happy New Year! As if we’ve never been away, here’s this week’s New Releases post in a new format!

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First up this week we have Mamamoo with Paint Me:

Next it’s Infinite with their new track Tell Me:

Oh My Girl released Secret Garden:

Block B are back – Don’t Leave! (That’s both the track title and a request)

AmberLuna teamed up to release a track for SM Station called Lower:

and finally for the highlights, it’s TRCNG with Wolf Baby:


From now on, rather than separating out the OSTs, I’ll leave them in their genre sections, so first up, the ballads!
BumkeyWhen I Saw You (A Korean Odyssey OST)
MeloManceI Will Be By Your Side
Long:DThe Girl from Back Then
Jo KwonLonely
Kim Dong RyulReply
Ahn Seung HunPink Whale
MoodinDifferent From Me
SageLike A Movie
Ha Seong (of Paxchild) – Yesterday
Lee XianLike A Child
Bae Yeong GyeongA Person One Loves
Siren In PeaceMy Breath
Yun Seokcheol & Echae KangPassing

A slower track, but not really a ballad:
Jungyoon & HyunseoLike Waves

Some indie and rock next:
BandmarooHear Love
All AgainstNo. 9

Now the k-pop!
Kriesha ChuLike Paradise
Must BeCreation
Live HighYes
V.E.I.L20th Century
Jang Woo Young (of 2PM) – Going Going
VoisperMissing U
Up That BrownWhat Is It
Leeraon & Lim Ji-YoungCloser (Black Knight OST)
Baro & CNU (of B1A4) – No Problem (Prison Playbook OST)

A bit of an R&B vibe:
TsunRefresh (featuring Yumdda)
Zion.TThose Days (Without You) (Prison Playbook OST)

And some k-hiphop to finish:
2269Jungle (featuring EAG)
BaksalRiverwater (featuring Bohye)

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