New Releases – 16/06/18

Bam – 33 tracks this week. Couple of debuts and some great comebacks in there too. Fans of Radiohead will be particularly happy with one of the artists this week in particular! I know I often say this, but yet again, trying to pick just six tracks to feature was really tricky again – so many good ones! What do you think of my picks? Would you have swapped any of them around? Comment below and let me know!

The forum thread can be found here.

For me, the week kicks off with the return of Blackpink! Their new track is call DDU-DU DDU-DU:

Going with a debut next – it’s CST with Be You. Might just be me, but I get a kind of Lady Gaga – Donatella vibe (in a good way!)

Girlkind are back next with S.O.R.R.Y – I found this one to be very catchy:

Next we’ve got the first of Alice Vicious‘ two tracks – By My Clyde:

From YG next, we have Katie with Remember. Parts of this MV and track definitely give me James Bond theme vibes:

Finally, we’ve got Thom Yorke Han See In with the first of his three tracks, When You’re Down:
(I mean it in a good way and I’m mostly kidding, but tell me you don’t see it!)

Cha HyukLips
HuiMaybe (About Time OST)
JaeheeDear Summer (A Day Before Us Season 2 OST)
Uncle BobbyGood
Very Very Good LifeSerenade of Dream
YoonwonA Drama Scene
Yunha ParkCan’t Help It

Ki SeongStargazer (Featuring Jazmine Najarro)

ChangmoHoly God
DPR LivePlaylist
Jay ParkSoju (Featuring 2 Chainz)

Han See InYouth & Moon

Bae In HyukDo Not Disturb
KassyAt Beginning of Love (Wok of Love OST)
Koh Na YoungHumming
LYn & HanhaeLove (Are You Human? OST)
Norwegian Forest & Nam So-HyunEveryday With You
Woo Jin Young & Kim Hyun SooFalling in love

Alice ViciousFeel Better (Featuring Hiyadam)
BaeCyoBetter (Featuring Ubyul)
Code KunstRain Bird (Featuring Tablo & Colde)
LongguoClover (Featuring Yoonmirae)
NanoWalkin’ (Featuring Pry)
OvanMiss Fortune (Featuring Vinxen)

What did you think of the week’s releases?

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