New Releases – 17/02/18

It’s my birthday today, so it’s a birthday special!! (Note: Post may not contain anything birthday related or special. Birthdays are not for everyone. Consult your doctor before reading.)

That said, we have 26 releases this week. It might sound a bit slower compared to recent weeks but there are still some definite bangers in there! As always, previous posts can be found on our forums here and this week’s is posted here! Signup and join the discussion!

VAV are going to kick the post off with Gorgeous – they’re back and as great as ever!

Next up we have Suzy who assures us that she is SOBeR (I’ll leave you to be the judge, based on the capitalisation there!):

OLNL heads up a bit of hiphop next with Kokiriko:

and Miryo counters with Can I See You Again:

Something a bit different next – more of a ballad. It’s from Gilgu – he has an amazing voice – and it’s called What To Do:

Finally, I absolutely love a bit of K-Rock and Seo Joo Hwan Band do not disappoint with High Flying Birds:


A fair few ballads this week:
Eun HoBox
Jang Han ByulOne A.M.
Kang Min HeeToddle
Maybe an ArtistThe Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Park BoramWill Be Fine
Roy KimOnly Then
SamuelThousand Times (Cross OST)
Sangmin LeeBlues Along the Way
Singil Station RomanceNo One Can Love
Yang YoseopStar

A breautiful slower track, but not really a ballad:
Bae In HyukI Am

Don MillsYonge and Finch (Featuring Dbo)
Illnati#dream (Featuring Leadmelo & Spring)
Mighty MouthUBER
Supa Killa B & ThronickA Way (Featuring J-Slow)

Poppier tracks:
JoyparkMissing You
JQAirplane Mode
MigyoBygone Days (Radio Romance OST)

More of an R&B sound:
OthankqNew York City

Not sure what genre to put this under. It’s quite cool and the video is fun though :)
ZagmachiGod’s Lament


What did you think of the week’s releases? Either comment below or post on the forum thread here!

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