New Releases – 18/03/2017

Got7 released the video for Never Ever this week:

How about a debut next? Well, MVP are here for you with Take It:

That not enough? Well we have another debut – it’s Seven O’Clock (SOC) with Echo:

A bit of hiphop next? It’s Mad Clown and Love Is A Dog From Hell:

Finally a bit of rock – The Black Underground released She’s On Psychedelic:


OSTs first! The first is a ballad, the others are more upbeat and pop-like:
EruSad Love (You are Too Much OST)
Uhm Jung Hwa (featuring Ja Mezz) – Let Me Cry (You are Too Much OST)
Jun Hyo SeongDangerous (Perfect Wife OST)
Kim Chung HaPit-A-Pat (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon OST)

Quite a few ballads next:
YisabelEven Though Happy Day
YisabelIt Was My Mistake
No ReplyJourney
The Night of SeokyoThe Road
YoonwonLike Plain Love
Dorothy SceneWe Are Just
Yang Hee Eun & AKMUThe Tree
Hong Ga (featuring Lee Jaram) – La Vie Nous Appartient
Lee Hyun KyungHer
Highlight (featuring Hyeri) – It’s Still Beautiful
Joonil Jung (featuring Suran) – Wish
HwanheeSo It Is

Now more of an indie sound – the first is a slower track:
Jaemyoung DoeUnder The Sign Of Saturn
Nell (featuring Changmo) – Full Moon

Upbeat/pop next!
Kim Woo JooReal Love
Cao Lu, Kisum, YerinSpring Again

Finally the R&B/hiphop section:
See SoulI’m A Solo
So Ji SubAre You With Me?
Fresh BoyzStudio
Cheska (featuring Lee Tae-Yun) – Faded

What did you think of the week’s releases? What were  your favourites? Comments below!

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