New Releases – 20/01/18

I count 29 new releases this week and some great tracks amongst them! I know HallyuNoona has adopted a couple of them as her new “best thing ever” this week!

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So, on to my top picks, with the rest of the releases below!

Top of the week has to be Jimin with the brilliantly named track, Hey:
(Note: if you’re not sure why this is funny, check out this Youtube link and you’ll understand!)

We’ve got a new girl group next – Girlkind with Fanci. I’m liking the vibe of this song and will be looking forward to their next releases:

Next up, Sunmi is everyone’s Heroine:

Chungha is back next with the strong track Roller Coaster:

I chose Andup as my next pick with their track Wait A Sec. This one’s quite a chill, feelgood/fun song:

And finally, I’m loving the video and sound of this track from Bizzy (featuring BIBI) called Ooh Ah:

Now for the rest of the releases:


As before, the OSTs are now in the main list, but I’ve still marked them up for you!

Starting with the ballads/slower tracks:
SuranI’ll Be Fine (A Korean Odyssey OST)
ChahyuckI Want Love
Seo Ji AnI’m Fine
Moon Jung HooStranger
Grace KooAmong the Stars
LeebadaWould You (featuring NiiHWA – Black Night OST)
Jane JangButton

Now a bit more of an electronic sound:

Followed by a bit of K-Indie:
StayPullerThe Little Prince

On to the K-Pop!
SamuelWinter Night
JBJMy Flower
KassyI Want Love
Jang WooYoung (of 2PM) – Party Shots & Tilt
TheEastLightReal Man

Who doesn’t love a bit of R&B?
Joonil JungSay Yes

And the K-Hiphop!
Jay ParkRun It
OLNLForeign Student
Part Time CooksAnnyeong (Yes I know they aren’t Korean, but they are signed under VMC, so I’m including them!)
Young JayI Know
Double K, Flowsik, Killagramz, Vandal RockSway

I wasn’t sure what genre to put this under, so I’m creating an new one called “Art Student Project” and putting this in it:
Shirts Boy FrankBorderline

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