New Releases – 24/03/18

44 tracks out this week and there’s some really good stuff in there!

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We’ll start off with the potentially controversial new group – Honey Popcorn with their debut track – Bibidi Babidi Boo:

Next up, it’s Super Junior, back for this week’s SM Station track, Super Duper:

Next up, the Produce 101 Season 2 group Wanna One are back with Boomerang:

Next up, 015B teamed up with Jane Jang to releasethe catchily-titled Sangsu Station Exit 2:

A bit of hiphop next – this is Songrapper with Be My (featuring MNYL):

and finally an awesome bit of k-rock – it’s Black Syndrome with Bible Black (featuring Park GeunhongManju):

Now on to the rest of the week’s releases:

BenLove Recipe
Crazy MusicWe’ll Always Love (Featuring Yejoon.E)
Hanbyul LimStand By You (Misty OST)
John Ofa RheeIt’s Love
KlangDon’t Cry (Misty OST)
Lee Seung ChulPainful Love
Robbin & GasinaedeulBo Mi & In A Whisper
Seo Eunkwang (BTOB)Dreaming of Spring (Queen of Mystery OST)
TJ SonClose Your Eyes
Yeahin JooMeet In A Dream
ZazzartCan’t Breathe (Featuring Kim Min Jeong)

Slower tracks:
JadeJust As the Way That You Are (Featuring Youngjin)
Somebody’s TaleWinter

DJ HaruBoom Bba (Featuring Herishaa)

AnalogsonyeonFemale Diver (Featuring Kim Sung Joon)
PenomecoGood Morning (Featuring Car, The Garden)
PUPWhere Are You Dreaming?
YeesangHere (Featuring Loco)

Cha Eun JooSo What
IlloYloPhone Ring
The AudioOur Movie & Colorful

CaptainRockIt’s My Treat

DongSu & BoRam LeeOh Yeah
Jung IlhoonAlways (Featuring Jinho)
Kim So-eunLove, Love (Evergreen OST)
Lee KangIn Vain (Featuring Yang Da Il)
Robbin & GasinaedeulHaha Hoho & How To Be Rich
Sunwoo Jung AFine
Yoo Jun SungSpring Again

AirmanAsk for Sleep
HanhaeIn My Dream (Featuring Gaeko)
Yong Jun HyungSudden Shower (Featuring 10cm)

Probably best described as a modern take on trot:
Lee Ki-taeWan Chung Nam

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