New Releases – 26/03/2017

New group Pristin are taking the lead this week with the catchy Wee Woo:

Monsta X are up next with Beautiful:

Bigflo follow with Stardom:

Mamamoo are next with Double Trouble, from the Strong Woman Do Bong Soon OST:

Finishing up with two bits of rock next – first is CN Blue with Between Us:

and Life and Time with Cold Water:


A few OSTs this week – the first is a pop-sound, the others are more ballad-y:
JoyYeowooya (The Liar and His Lover OST)
TimQuiet Moments (I Only Want You To Hear It OST – a web film)
MelodyDayThe Song of the Star (Saimdang, Light’s Diary OST)
ZIAWhy (Saimdang, Light’s Diary OST)

Now the rest of the ballads – quite a few this week!
No ReplyJourney
Green FaceMorning Light
OohyoPrayers of a Hedgehog
FromDearWay to Work
Jong Shin Yoon (featuring Forte di Quattro) – Last Moment
RamdaLove Blooms
The Night of Seokyo (featuring Hyeri) – The Road
Sanchez (featuring Beenzino) – 5 More Minutes
Kim Ji SooSlight Fever X Two Lovers and a Bear
Lee Sun Jung BandBecause of Love
IUThrough the Night

Slightly less ballad-like, but still slower tracks:
MinjeWelcome Lover + Yellow

Now the pop tracks:
EyediBest Mistake
50KgGive You Everything
BreeFlower Viewing
2000WONTeardrop Attack
OFATo You For You
Pretty Brown (featuring Verbal Jint) – Grey
HighlightPlz Don’t Be Sad

A bit of rock:

Finishing up with the hiphop:
Choi Go Gi (featuring Kasper) – Peach Tea
Roscoe YoungWork
All Right MusicAll Right
WUTAN (featuring Don Mills) – 808
Reddy (featuring A.C.T.) – My Lite
DJ Juice (featuring Verbal Jint and Nuck) – BEATful Life
X.QLong Time

What did you think of the week’s releases? What were  your favourites? Comments below!

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