New Releases – 27/01/18

So this week we have a massive 52 tracks for you! What a week it’s been too – some epic songs, some big names (iKON)  but also some sadness (the release of Jonghyun‘s MV).

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So let’s kick off the week with iKON who are back with a Love Scenario:

Next up is a great pairing – Jimin and YuNa (of AOA) with If You Were Me:

A bit of K-hiphop next, it’s Ravi (from VIXX) with NirvanaAlcohol (featuring Park Jimin – the winner of Kpopstar Season 1):

Another great track next, this time from Nick Sammy – O.o.O (On or Off):

Next we have Jonghyun‘s track – Shinin’:

A great song, but if you’re feeling sad after that, maybe this will cheer you up! It comes from Na Ha Eun, a 10 year old girl who got famous for her Kpop dance covers on Youtube. She now has her first release, So Special (featuring Microdot) and it is generally agreed to be adorable:

On to the rest of the releases!


The ballads/softer songs are up first, as usual. Quite a few this week!
Yun DDan DdanMe Trying, You No Telling
Standing EggFrom the Star
SBGBShall We Dance
CheezeIn a Long Dream
Cho Jung ChiPerks of Break Up (Featuring Fromm)
DavichiDays Without You
MultiplicityAutumn Bottle
I’llLast Winter (Featuring Juniel)
Park Jong ChulTtongkku
Kim Bo KyungMorning
SuzyI Love Someone Else
4MenPropose Song
4MenI Can’t
Lee Jung WooLove
Maktub & Seo Young EunPlease Love Me (Black Knight OST)
#HelloI Give You Strength
Kwak Jung MinHappy Death Day To You
Daphnis & ChloéFade Away (Featuring Paek Sae Eun)
MaRiAPaper Doll

More of an electronic sound next:
Hailey RoseMasks (Chime Remix)

Some great examples of K-indie and K-rock:
EOSA Luminous Cat

Now the poppier tracks!
Jeong SewoonBaby It’s U
SBGBRadio 199.3
fromis_9To Heart
KimHaven Of Peace
RainzTurn It Up
Junho (2PM)Winter Sleep
Yuri & RaidenAlways Find You
Celeb FiveI Wanna Be A Celeb (This is a comedy cover performed by a group of comedians for Weekly Idol – don’t worry!)

How about some jazz next?! Love this one:
BluebuggTraffic Light

A bit of R&B:
DJ DOCConvenience Store
HorimMovin’ (Featuring Mxxg, Odee, DJ Noah, Kim Oki, J-roc)

Now the hiphop:
Sanchez & JindoggaeSunset
LimzyNo More (Featuring Huckleberry P)
BaksalCome To My Place (Featuring ECS)
Jindotgae & WillyeonXXXL Future

And finally, a good old trot beat:
Lee Byoung HyeonEmber


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